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  1. it says please contact the customer support, even though all files are there and i already placed my auth on key.txt
  2. damn man, does this produce third world country gc? like vietnam indonesia, etc
  3. thanks man, hope this works hahaha , does this works on third world country like malaysia, indonesia, vietnam, etc ?
  4. some sort of a virus uhh.. it doesn't even contain a download link bro...
  5. Here, you lazy punks. Easy money for you guys ;)[ [hide] [align=center]Well, so there's something called bitcoin mining that can be done on telegram, they made money by ads and from service they provide to you by renting their graphic card to mine[/align] STEPS : [align=left]1. First of all, you need a telegram ID,Bitcoin / other crypto wallet. 2. Click on this link, and then join, 3. type /start , so that u start mining 4. As time passes, upgrade your mining assets using the crypto you mined beforehand so that ur mining productivity increase 5. Wait and Repeat, Upgrade and withdraw your profits to your Wallet 6. Enjoy your profits Here are some other channels for mining : [/align] [align=center]Disclaimer : I too just recently joined these telegram mining, so i am inexperienced, and try to not bash me too hard if it doesn't work Feel Free to Share with me if you got any other legit cool tricks ;)[/align][/hide] [align=center] :fiesta: Don't Forget to leave a like please :( it only cost a click :fiesta: [/align]
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  7. Well , i've been searching for the way to bypass phone number authentication steps, starting using GV , but i don't have US Phone number, and i can't use temporary number to register to GV , also there are no Free Burner / temporary phone alternative that i found :( , does anyone know who willing to share dem tricks for us to bypass phone number verifications ? (except those public sms receiver , im sick of dem , 90% of those doesn't work), and i need some privacy too receiving some sms :x
  8. thanks man, hope this works
  9. thanks man, appreciate it