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  1. Hey guys, I have decided to change identities. I am not quitting cracking, or going emo mode at all. I need to just reset. No one will care or remember me so yeah Also this is not a joke and I will be deleting my cracked.to account Special needs people i feel like mentioning: @mesvak you are a jew, have fun with my forum now but legit ur kinda annoying but have fun kek. @tyler1alpha it was fun talking to you. i see a good future for you @SSJ we miss you @Jocker Delete my account please @KSZ your jewish @Cthulhu idk why i loved bullying you, but you are a very nice guy. So im sorry for how i treated you @Zombie hackerman @xMoses your such a script kiddie, kinda like @C0rpz @C0rpz your a script kiddie @EliteEmper0r you have been with me for a very long time, thank you for that @floraiN god damn it, you reminded me of how i spent $250 on your ass for a gay award. give the award perms to @EliteEmper0r thanks anyway no one care so bye ~
  3. Her


    Script kiddie :kek:
  4. hell yeah, no homo, and i wouldnt enjoy it so ez 100k
  5. imagine asking for a vouch on a $3 product
  6. Prices: 1 month - $3 1 Year - $30 Stock for Nitro (RESTOCK TOMORROW!): 2 https://shoppy.gg/@NitroCodes Vouched on Nulled kek
  7. yeah threading is retarded when coding for no reason :kek:
  8. yes i tried it on linux and works if u know about temux is terminal of linux on android phone sir im using linux rn