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  1. Me coded tool and glad to say that some hq shit in cheap price is avaliable on such good forum which is cto
  2. U know that u can make one by urself rather than using shits like bunifu or how to spell that
  3. Vouch for that service. Also author of thread is legit seller, legit trader, legit guy to deal with
  4. Can i get vouch copy ? I am interested in such kind of soft for 1 of mine friend.(2lazy to make one by myself, since it require a little of fuckery). I will leave honest detailed review + if product will be good in mine opinion - advert on one of mine discords that will be kinda good for you :pepo:
  5. Windows mostly due to Gaming
  6. Debugger role is as "revereser" for those who reverese shit for forum. Virus Total award is thing that i add to suggestsions and royals accept it but sadly i dont see it yet even if its 1+ month, --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Salesman ^ Seller ^ - USLESS BTC expert ^ Cracker --------------------------------------------------------------------- Btc exchanger(for sucessful X amount of exchanges using forum as place where u offer exchange)
  7. I've made like 300$ from this so far, just need the right combos. Wish cracked could accept paypal. Its sad smal amount of ppl use it cuz is hq shiet, whatever, wish u good luck :pepo:
  8. Yes ik its shit but iam trying to improve myself Thanks for not hurting me I dont said its shit but i state that more advanced user will have such ability in other tools that they use