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  1. I am selling Bitcoin Mastercard Cards. =============== FAQ =============== Q: How does this work? A: You pay $10 for the card and load however much you want on it. Q: What's the use of this? A: Not all sites accepts Bitcoin, however most of them accept Mastercards. Q: Where can I pay using your cards? A: Literally anywhere while it isn't related to trading/gambling Q: Can I recharge it? A: Not for now, I will only add money once to them. (This is due to my bank) Q: Can I use it to verify my PayPal account? A: Yes, you can even confirm it. I'll be able to let you know the PayPal confirmation code by viewing the transaction history. =============== Informations =============== - Card is provided and managed by myself. - Card can be used anywhere you want, except gambling/trading related websites. - Card can be used and confirmed on PayPal accounts. - Card is not carded or related to anything illegal, everything is legit and no problem will ever happen. - Card is a prepaid Mastercard, having a static money amount on them which can be whatever you want me to put on. - Card will remain virtual, I won't be providing/shipping any plastic version. - Card balance currency will be in USD by default, if you ever want to pay somewhere in EUR (for example), low exchange fees will automatically be applied. - Card will be expiring 3 years after purchase date, I will be able to renew it for you if ever needed, at a low cost. =============== More =============== - I will be selling cards at $10 each for now, obviously only in Bitcoin. - I will be providing you the card number, its expiration date and the 3 digits PIN code. - You won't use cards for illegal activities or I will freeze the card, its balance and chargeback without refunding you anything if you do so. Interested, any question? Contact me!
  2. [hide]Star the repo:[/hide]
  3. SOON I'm gonna Open-Source BlackChecker. Means you can fork and edit it without authentication required Also means not obfuscated, which will lead to a blazing fast speed Modules - Mail Access - OptiFine Cape - Official Cape + Detection - OG Name (Dictionary) - Rank Checker (Please submit servers here : PS: Do not ask me when is it gonna be released, I don't know. (Do not even do it for the joke, you're not funny kid.) Github :
  4. Fitbit Checker Powered by Milky Library Detailed Statistics Multi Devices Detailed Capture Sorted Outputs Lock accounts : No Price : $40 BTC Discord : Laiteux#1337
  5. Giveaway was on a discord server and winner has been sent the money. You still can see it if u want ill PM u an invite
  6. this is basically the reason why u cant crack it
  7. It's on Akamai, maybe try the app with some good luck