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  1. Spotify A+ Checker That's how it's going to be the result. Hits with their country create the .txt. [hide] Download: Get your auth from [/hide]
  2. New AUTH API I had nothing to do during this last week so I worked on that small project to improve the auth system and take it to the next level. I already wrote a full documentation that could be found here: so I'm not going to rewrite everything on the thread, visit the doc and get the details! You don't need anything to use this Auth service in your program it's totally free to use by anyone. For now it only supports C# Based programs but will work on adding more examples on how to implement it with the other languages. Once again more details to be found here =>
  3. Basically these templates were coded to make your life easier, coding a checker using these templates is even easier than making OB configs (some of OB features were implemented to make it more user friendly and easier) And it has a good stable threading system, sometimes it may get raped if you use alot of obfuscation. I will be providing support and setup guide over discord if you struggle with anything, but don't expect me to recode it for you. Preview? Of course All of these checkers were made just by changing failure - success keys and urls, these preview does't really reflect the whole features of the template as I didn't put any efforts on them so yeah, you can re-improve it to get a professional checker.
  4. Minecraft Checker [hide] Download: Get your auth key from [/hide]
  5. [hide] Download: get your auth from [/hide] Thanks to @R3GION for providing me with info about the host :ezy:
  6. sir still have BUGS cpm gets 0 after 39 HITS Probably an error linked to the combo list, if you can send it to me so I can fix the checker then that would be great.
  7. The checker had few bugs that I just fixed. Please download the new version.
  8. [align=center]Spotify Checker (Totally new and fixed with the new captures) [/align] Note: Premium for family subscription over premium.txt mean that they are Part of the Family. The files were updated due to a bug found over the capture. Re-download please. Capture: [align=center] Family Owner: [email protected]:Tarhawk6 | Subscription: Premium for Family | Country: US | Renewal: 11/07/2019 | CC: PayPal | Exp: | Username: 125407394 | Zip: 35111 | Full Name: omargooda | Invites: 0/5 invites are filled. [email protected]:Donner20 | Subscription: Premium for Family | Country: US | Renewal: 01/07/2019 | CC: American Express ****1005 | Exp: | Username: 1249415505 | Zip: 10024 | Full Name: ChristopherBell | Invites: 4/5 invites are filled. [email protected]:Tarhawk6 | Subscription: Premium for Family | Country: US | Renewal: 11/07/2019 | CC: PayPal | Exp: | Username: 125407394 | Zip: 35111 | Full Name: omargooda | Invites: 0/5 invites are filled. Premium: [email protected]:bentley131 | Subscription = Premium for Students | Country = US | Renewal = 30/06/2019 | CC = MasterCard **** 4762 | Exp = 06/2021 [email protected]:papamama29 | Subscription = Spotify Premium | Country = SG | CC = | Exp = | Note = Your plan is associated with our partner Singtel, please refer to Singtel for questions regarding your plan. [email protected]:slut69face | Subscription = Premium for Family | Country = AU | CC = | Exp = | Note = Member of a family plan [/align] [align=center] [hide] Download: get your auth from [/hide] [/align]
  9. PornHub Checker 100% Accurate Full Capture Clean UI / Easy to use [hide] Download: Get your auth from [/hide]
  10. I actually share the projects src code bec the damn guy that bought it used it on members geez. That thread has nothing but my github where you can read the src code
  11. BABAX Stealer Basically this is a project I started coding in the last month when I wasn't active on it took me arround a month and half, reading about the most recent stealers out in the market and studying how they works. So basically I'm selling the whole projects code, currently it does steal Chrome, Opera, Firefox password and decrypt them for you so you gets them as plain text also all the browsers cookies. Also there is in it a support for some client apps data stealing such as NordVPN, and Filezilla and for sure it gets you the full information about your target such as all his hardwares IDs and all programs installed on his machine and a screenshot of his desktop. The special thing about this stealer is that I focused to make it stealth and fast as much as possible so you can bind it to any working program and the target won't be notice anything going on, for execution time it's quite fast as all the process of data gathering and data encryption + delivery goes in arround 5 secs and after it gets done, you won't need to worry about duplicates or if the guy found that his info were stolen because all of these gets destroyed and the malware core gets executed only on the first launch so no duplicates or shit. Fast, simple and efficient. For now as I'm sharing the whole project for FREE due to the non respect of agreements from the last buyer. You can take it and host it online and start your own stealer service, or do whatever you need with it it's all yours once you buy it. It's only 1 sale for now so you better hurry on getting it you won't have a second chance. I will be offering help if you struggle with setting it up over your visual studio or if you wanna link it with your C&C server. But don't expect me to add new features to you, you should look forward doing it if you want. NOTE: by default it's currecntly bypassing all the detections while on obfuscation ^^ Screenshots: First 3 days of tests arround the internet by sharing some random stuffs and already 69 infected targets as you can see. Logs will get delivered in an encrypted archive to the telegram bot used and as I said before you will get the whole project so you can change the whole system if you want. Note: cvshost.exe is a utility that decrypt firefox data from the dbs files (logins.json and key3.db). You will get it with the project too. @BabiKoqii - ErrorsLogs.txt [align=left] Chrome Logins: URL | USER | PASS Info here Opera Logins: URL | USER | PASS Info here Others Logins: SERVICE | USER | PASS NordVPN: Info here FileZilla: Info here Chrome Cookies: URL | VALUE | NAME Info here Opera Cookies: URL | VALUE | NAME Info here Firefox Cookies: URL | VALUE | NAME Info here Public Info: Info here HWID: Info here CPU: Info here RAM: Info here OS: Info here UUID: Info here {"as":"AS8075 Microsoft Corporation","city":"Amsterdam","country":"Netherlands","countryCode":"NL","isp":"Microsoft Corporation","lat":52.3702,"lon":4.89517,"org":"Microsoft Corporation","query":"","region":"NH","regionName":"North Holland","status":"success","timezone":"Europe/Amsterdam","zip":"1012"} Installed Programs List : Info here [hide] Download: [/hide] [/align]
  12. I cracked alot of nulled auth tools and posted them here Some people asked me how I did it so instead of writing a complicated post I decided to make a video... and yes, there will be people crying about the fact that these tools are old, but I still wanted to show how to bypass their auth since that step stays the same. Here's the video: [hide] [/hide] Have fun and enjoy your free tools. :fiesta: Edit: To all the people who are crying about this over at the tools were ALREADY cracked by me, I just made a video about how I did it.