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Found 267 results

  1. Safengine Protector Cracked! [WAS NOT CRACKED BY ME!!!] Official Website: Features: Anti Debug Anti Trace Anti Virtualization Anti Attach Anti Dump Anti API Hooks Self Integrity Check Code & Data Encryption Metamorphic Code Generation Branch Obfuscation Code Mutation Code Virtualization Advanced Code Replace Import Elimination API Relocation Combining Sections Embedding Watermarks Plugin Support You might think they are all good protections but this can be cracked in a few seconds! Download: [hide]!1hVhnI5a!whr6wq8t_6CSVaBDP1gwelcqyhopvNnH2-x3AFHPqF4 [/hide] VirusTotal False Positives dont believe me? run in sandboxie or vm!
  2. Latest Adobe CC 2018 cracked. Programs included that are cracked: - Adobe After Effects CC 2019 - Adobe Animate CC 2019 - Adobe Audition CC 2019 - Adobe Bridge CC 2019 - Adobe Character Animator CC 2019 - Adobe Dimension CC 2019 - Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 - Adobe InCopy CC 2019 - Adobe InDesign CC 2019 - Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 - Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 - Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019 - Adobe Prelude CC 2019 - Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 - Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 - Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 - Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 [hide] Creative Cloud Setup (From Original Adobe Site): Crack Pack: [/hide]
  3. [align=center]Bots Collection For Youtuber Adfly and social media a huge collection bots for automatic work for most network [/align] ========== [align=center] [video=youtube] AdfBotPro [3.3.1] Aspire Multiuser Account Maker Auto Clicker GSearchBot3.2.5-rev3 LambaTube Spammer Skype spammer Snapchat Bomber msn freezer Tiger Bot Cracked Tubenoia Ultimate Codename Likes [Cracked Gold Edition] Xfinity Wifi Hacker Youtube Blazzer [V1.0] Youtube View Booster V1.2 Youtube View Booster Ver. 1.2, Cracked- PRO EDITION! YouView_bot_v1.2 ZeroTeam Email Spammer v2.1.0.0 AdfBotPro 3.3.1 Final Anonymous JCC Autoclicker Auto Clicker BTI Pastebin Mass Downloader Chrome Skype Spammer Cranksy's IceAge DeLuXe Chat Spam EliteOP - Youtube Tool Eternals Auto Typer Generic Message Bot Insatiable 2 InstaGet v1.2.7 Free Instagram Bot iSub4Sub - Version 1.1 iVeiw_For_you Jays_youtube_bot_v1.0b Killer Klown Spammer LikeaPros SkypeCrasher Minecraft IN-Game ChatSpammer V1.0 NET BOT Normal In-Chat ChatSpammer V1.0 Nuisance Pack OmegleSpyX v3.2 Random Username Generator v1 Republic Hax SpamGen Sharecash Survey Helper SkypeCrasher Snowstone Cracked System32DK YouTube W Type Click Universal Chat Spammer VBSpam Vulcan Handy Spammer YouBoosterPRO Cracked Youtube view increaser ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] [hide] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 [/hide] [/align] promote youtube video,youtube promotion,how to promote youtube videos,get youtube views,get subscribers for youtube,youtube ads,how to get more views on youtube,skype robot,skype chatbot,bot adfly,adfly generator,adfly auto clicker
  4. Unknown Menu has been out for a while now, and their staff has been saying it's impossible to crack, so here it is. [hide] A few things to go over though: The DLL that comes with this crack is their latest version (1.2.8) which they've packed with VMProtect, therefore, is unedited and no malware is packaged with it because of this release. Most anti-viruses will say it's a Trojan but are actually just heavily obfuscated. The strings are open and visible for anyone wondering, but editing it will trigger VMProtect's protection, rendering the file inaccessible. You can download their DLL straight from where their loader gets it, which is from here. Extreme Injector is included with this release, just for simplicity instead of going out and having to find yourself a working injector. Just put it on standard injection in the settings window (top-left) and you're all set. You can download the latest 1.3.7 update if you'd like, though that's not required and the injector will work as-is in the version included in this release. "UnknownCrack.exe" is an open-to-view C# application that requires administrator privileges to run command-line stuff in order to loopback their auth requests to the application, which, if doesn't work and you still get authentication errors, will give you manual instructions to run these commands yourself in the prompt. This file isn't obfuscated and can be decompiled. The included files are: unknown.dll - A VMProtected DLL for their menu, for which I've monitored and the only outgoing connection is to the auth server (refer to #3) Extreme Injector v3 - For injecting the DLL. This is a trusted program used by the community. UnknownCrack.exe - A server emulator for their auth which loops their connection back to localhost to serve a spoofed response, allowing you to inject their DLL into the game and use their menu without having an active subscription. This program is made in C# and isn't obfuscated, so you can see for yourself that there are no viruses packed with it through decompiling. These links are VirusTotal results. Now that we got those out the way, now to the instructions and the download itself: Download the archive here, and extract to any folder. Open Extreme Injector v3, and ignore the update prompt. (you can update it if you want, but it's unnecessary) Go to the settings menu, and select Standard Injection in the top-left dropdown. Exit out of the settings menu, and then select the unknown.dll provided with the release. Launch the UnknownCrack.exe and wait for everything to initialize, then proceed to launch GTA5. Then, once you've added the DLL and GTA5 is loading, you can now select the GTA5.exe process, which is usually at the bottom of the list. When you've got your process and DLL selected, and the UnknownCrack.exe is ready, proceed to load into story or online mode. Wait 10 seconds after pressing the story mode or online mode buttons, then inject the DLL. When you've loaded into the game, you should be greeted with two messages in the bottom-left corner, one saying Username Authorized and the other explaining the open menu buttons, which are F8 or * on the number pad. Profit! Troubleshooting: If you get an invalid username or password error, make sure you're not using a VPN as it tends to mess with the loopback that makes this crack work. If you're getting "address not found" errors, double check to make sure your process is correct in Extreme Injector (Step #6) and that you're waiting sufficient time for the game to initialize (Step #8) [/hide] Enjoy :) I won't be providing support for this, though if you do have any questions or concerns about the method this uses, I'll be happy to reply.
  5. please like <3 download: [hide] [/hide] enjoy :fiesta: :fiesta: Edit: Run it in a VM or Sandboxie so ur safe
  6. [hide] [/hide] [align=center]---------------------------------------------------------------------- DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A LIKE! - --------------------------------------------------------------------- LEECHERS WILL BE REPORTED! PLEASE LEAVE ME A LIKE to this post.[/align]
  7. For me it was hard-to-find thing. So thumbs up and some compliment is welcomed! :hype: Cracked by Dr.Far-Far For me clear and stable. LINK: [hide] Diabolic Traffic Bot[/hide] VIRUSTOTAL: [hide] Virus Total[/hide] :pepegun:
  8. Dumb me i was so bad reversing back then, that the premium setting toggle did nothing so here is a fix now that i have better knowledge of cracking! Official Site: Download: [hide]!VotRxQzR!lNny7tVN-FmpqjgjUR84B2bBDqDdqZ2KbeswOHh_np0 [/hide][/img] VirusTotal: False positives so dont worry!!! will require admin privileges run in sandboxie or vm if you dont believe me
  9. Hi guys. :fiesta: Got a special working tool for you enjoy.. [hide][/hide] *PVA ACCOUNTS (2 METHODE ) *Account Creator by email yahoo beta (will be more fast with time) *Account Creator By email (Support death by captcha +proxy + account created with channel + avatar 1 min = 4 account) 2-Account Checker ( you can check FAST if account GOOD ,DEAD,WRONG PASSWORD, NO CHANNEL) 3-Avatar Uploader (upload avatar to your accounts) 4-channel commenter 5-Channel creator(create channel to accounts whithout channel) 6-Comment Grabber (grab comments from video or channel) 7-Comment rater *Comment Rater fast *comment rater slow 8-Friend adder add friend to your channel 9-get user info 10-get video info 11-imageScaper(scrap image from youtube) 12-increase view bot have 9 different browser + refered from different site you import proxies and put your video + edit settings like refresh every 15 s, 30 s, 1s change proxy after 3 refresh 4 refresh how much u need view ..... this method work or not ? is not 100% work is hard u need good proxie +good internet speed and some time work some not i tell that for everyone need to buy bot only for view tools 13-mp3 ripper (convert video youtube to mp3) 14-change password of accounts 15-username tools(username creator ,username checker) 16-Userscraper 17-Searcher 18-Video Downloader 19--YOUTUBE BOT (Like dislike comment favorites subscribe unsubescribe flag ) 4 bot (hot): *YOUTUBE BOT API 1(support proxy) *YOUTUBE BOT API 2 *BROWSER BOT(support proxy) *Webrequest bot(support proxy) 20-team view support 21-update every sunday 22-good protection 23-mass Uplaoder 24-Api kEY MAKER 25-Browser 26-prxie tools (proxy grabber+proxy checker+proxy binder) what coming soon? 1-message sender 2-many tools will be more fast 3-new method for increase view
  10. Wanna get famous? Try this --> [hide]!Zdkknawa!NbobiNorAcFCmYrnOx-x3TKV2rn8nJvOC4LN52A-TkA[/hide] VT: 0/55 Wanna help me keep my uploads High Quality? Just hit the Like Button :D
  11. LINK : [hide]!XbZTXK5a!HzLL533tXZFJ5m76Y2DBmQ [/hide]
  12. 100% Clean Boiis VT- Download-[hide][/hide]
  13. Modules: 1) AirVPN 2) Crunchyroll 3) Fornite 4) MLB 5) HideMyAss 6) 7) Spotify 8) DameFans (REVISION) 9) RapidGator 10) DEATHBYCAPTCHA ( USER:PASS ) 11) ClaroVideo 12) CoinPot 13) JustEat España 14) CHATURBATE 15) BitDefender 16) Blim 17) Hulu 18) FullAccess 19) Netflix 20) Mofos (REVISION) 21) MiBP 22) Cinesa 23) Storytel 24) Dominos ( USA / CANADA ) 25) Deezer 26) Pokemon Go 27) Papa John´s 28) STEAM FA 29) HBO España 30) League of Legends 31) ROBLOX ( USER:PASS ) 32) RealityKings 33) BotString 34) Dehasher MD5 35) Lovoo 36) ArenaNet 37) RealLifeCam 38) Bein Connect Esp. 39) Fnac Esp. 40) Instagram (Requires Email Access) 41) 42) Uploaded ( USER:PASS ) 43) PornHUB 44) Fakings 45) eDarling Esp. 46) Xbox 47) Extract Proxies 48) Minecraft 49) Wish 50) Save Combo by country 51) WWE 52) Tidal 53) UPLAY 54) vyprvpn Download: [align=center][hide]!JpdnEYxQ!GLEYutJxX5-Uo...R5WtqeEMqY[/hide] [/align]
  14. Hello ! This is the NinjaGram (7.4.0) , it works , I tried it and it works ! I know @Dog has posted this NinjaGram in this section but version 7.0.3 is outdated ... :) [hide] Download : [/hide] VirusTotal : (1/60) : Leave a Like and Don"t Leech ! :pepegun: :comfy:
  15. [hide]!C7wzmYLC!-1rPy6ZG7JExPuE6ll0MSZx_TzEU7vrzjCz7yKk5Y54 [/hide] x32 x64 The Most Powerful Traffic Bot will create an endless stream of visitors, views, votes and impressions and boost your stats incredibly! Diabolic Traffic Bot generates unlimited web traffic to any website, video or blog. Diabolic Traffic Bot have hundreads of proxies ready to use instantly. All proxies are reload every few minutes from our servers that are testing proxies 24/7 Features: Send Unlimited Traffic To Multiple URL’s Multi-Threading Random URL Referer Random Browser User Agent Limit Traffic to Send Random Time in Web Page Cookies Cleared Each Visit Real-Time Traffic Stats Private Proxies Allowed Real-Time Log Browser or Socks Mode Easy Script Languange Choose Proxy Country More than 4500 proxies to use Included Modules: Soundcloud Play Youtube Search and Play Simple Website Visit Website Visit and Random Click BC.VC Click Next Button SH.ST Click Next Button Amazon Search Product and Click What you can do with the traffic: Increase Website Stats Increase Soundcloud Plays Increase Views Increase Downloads Increase Votes Manipulate Any Analitic Software Manipulate Alexa Ranking Simulate Users Changelog 6.42: Changelog 6.41:
  16. hello boys gonna make this short so plugged in my old usb and found a spoofer that i cracked while back, i tested recently it still works so enjoy i guess kek :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: :pupper: [hide] the key password is : 1[/hide]
  17. :ezy: VIRUSTOTAL [0 / 57] IF IT SAYS ITS A VIRUS WHILE DOWNLOADING I ASSURE YOU IT IS NOT SINCE I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR OVER A MONTH NOW [hide][/hide] [hide]OPEN "RuBot2Copy.exe" and put your proxies in and start view botting! The program crashes alot if you tab out and tab back into it alot, if it does: Go into taskmanager Scroll down and find "RuBot_Tools" and close it down and then you can start it up again! Put the view count as around 1000 or 1500 if you dont seem to get alot of views its a pretty scuffed viewbot.[/hide] Don't leech or I will do this :pepegun: to you when you sleep!
  18. Hello, here a psn checker that works great :pepo: as always run checker in rdp or sendboxies to avoid any viruses shit its not hard to click Like or +Rep to thanks me for this checker as its private and you can't find it anywhere :fiesta: good luck :ezy: Picture: Features of the program: Capturing games,DLC,videos,Themes,Region,Transaction payments Origin,Uplay,Xbox,Fortnite checker There is an auto-update proxy for the link, the time is indicated in minutes. Present auto-save settings. There is an auto-save proxy as a link. The program supports all types of proxies - HTTP (S), SOCKS4, SOCKS5. Quick access to the results, right from the program. Download: [hide]!D0NwRYqL!WVqf0swTD3B7G6Zx-O6UWogEL83fc_OVJ48VuIjK6UI [/hide] Virus Scan: Here
  19. [align=center]TSP Dork generator v11.0 New 2019 TSP Dork generator is powerfull tools for dork generating for all kind of attacks [/align] ========== [align=center] TSP Dork generator TSP Dork Extractor ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] [hide] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 [/hide] generator,google dorks for sql injection,sql injection example,business plan generator,sql injection scanner,sql injection tutorial,sql injection test site,sql dork list,sql tutorial point,sqli scanner,dork scanner,how to hack website database [/align]
  20. I bought this a long time ago, it was working great then someone cracked it :pepi: . So here you go :) To open 2 at the same time: copy the first folder into other folder and change the exe name to run more than one instance. Grabber work. Proxy checker does not. Require to end process from task manager to actually close it. [hide]!FGZGlTIS!8O1tVauvSIINiyp8tkMvC6_6sO9jY-37JmCX_9WMJS8 VT: [/hide]
  21. [align=center]Cracking Tools[MEGA-PACK] [MEGA-PACK] Cracking Tools is huge collection cracking tools for all kind of purpose and functions [/align] ========== [align=center] [video=youtube] AccountReaper Amazong Bruter Ebay Brute Ebay Brute CHecker 2 Egg Crack +Source Facebook Bruter First Game Portal Bruter Gmail Bruter Insta Gram Bruter Mails Brute Mega nz Bruter Netflix Bruter Origin BC Bruter Programatic Prosperor Bruter RPD Cracker Sentry MBA Spotify Crack Tutux Bruter FOrce Uber soft Vaild email bruter wwe cracker Zenmate Cracker Email Checker VK bruter Coinbase Bruter CW Spotify Account Checker Gearbest Account Checker LOL Account Checker Netflix Bruter NFL Checker PSN Checker Social CLub Checker V2 Steam Checker All in one checker bonusbitcon checker Buplay checker copex edition email checker instagram og checker Newage bank checker store nba checker udemy checker amazon email checker uplay bc uplay bruter bruter wareface checker wordpress account checker world of tanks mail checker zenmate checker Slayer leecher combo utilities mailist comber email ser all url grabber email combo leecher paste bin slayer all proxy checker gater proxy total proxy hq proxy netscraper cracker uproxy proxy grabber netghost 1.5 tesla proxy scrapper universal proxy software vproxy ip proxy scrapper parser proxy ICQ:653580170 jabber: [email protected] [hide] Download Link 1 [/hide] [/align] Cracking Tools,AccountReaper,Amazon Bruter,Ebay Brute,Egg Crack +Source,Facebook Bruter,Gmail Bruter,InstaGram Bruter,Mails Brute,Netflix Bruter,bitcoin bruter,Origin BC Bruter,RPD Cracker,Sentry MBA,Spotify Crack,Uber soft,Vaild email bruter,Zenmate Cracker,Email Checker,VK bruter,Coinbase Bruter,CW Spotify Account Checker,Gearbest Account Checker,LOL Account Checker,Netflix Bruter
  22. [align=center]The Most Powerful Traffic Bot Boost your Views, Stats, Impressions, Votes, Likes, …Boost your stats! You’re imagining about an infinite surge of visitors from all around the globe? You want to increase your views with one single click?Then Diabolic Traffic Bot from Diabolic Labs is the product you require! The Most Powerful Traffic Bot will make an endless stream of traffic, views, votes and impressions and boost your stats incredibly!Diabolic Traffic Bot generates unlimited web activity to any site, video or blog.Diabolic Traffic Bot have hundreads of proxies ready to use instantly. All proxies are reload every few minutes from our servers that are testing proxies 24/7 Features: Send Unlimited Traffic To Multiple URL’s Multi-Threading Random URL Referer Random Browser User Agent Limit Traffic to Send Random Time in Web Page Cookies Cleared Each Visit Real-Time Traffic Stats Private Proxies Allowed Real-Time Log Browser or Socks Mode Simple Script LanguangePick Proxy CountryIn excess of 4500 proxy to use Included Modules: Soundcloud Play Youtube Search and Play Simple Website Visit Website Visit and Random Click BC.VC Click Next Button SH.ST Click Next Button Amazon Search Product and Click What you can do with the traffic: Increase Website Stats Increase Soundcloud Plays Increase Views Increase Downloads Increase Votes Control Any Analitic SoftwareControl Alexa Ranking Simulate Users DOWNLOAD LINK:!Z553lAiC!cxP4Fjk3KVO6thBUF3fH_xfnny84-FYrTl19cJqbAMQ VT Scan: [/align]
  23. Hello, "Flux" is the best Minecraft hacked client which cannot be detected by the anti-cheat system of the big servers like Hypixel, CubeCraft, etc. And today, I brought the latest version of Flux (B13) cracked for you Official site of Flux: NOTE: Flux is for Minecraft 1.8.8 only. Download: [hide][/hide] or [hide][/hide] Instructions: - Download it - Put the whole folder in .minecraft/versions - Run minecraft launcher - Put "-noverify" in JVM Arguments. - Enjoy!
  24. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security v6.9.4 (Mod Lite) - ★★★ MOD ★★★ Language: en, ru (Papasha55) Platforms: arm7 +, x86 + PREMIUM received: unlimited access, no ads Optimized application manifest Deep optimized graphics and application resources The work of analytics is blocked, thoroughly Part of garbage classes is cut (crashlytics, fabric, measurement, analytics, adjust, etc) Modification is untied from Google Services Hidden connection quality assessment dialog Signature changed credit Alex.Strannik Link : [hide]Hotspot Shield X86[/hide] [hide]Hotspot Shield Arm[/hide]
  25. This does not requires your Auth Key Status: Working APEX 3, The all in one checker. All Modules Hide ContentSpoiler: APEX FREE MODULES: Netflix Spotify Hulu Parsec Zenmate APEX PRO CONFIGS: Netflix Spotify Crunchyroll Fortnite Parsec Email Minecraft VyprVPN Wish Zenmate HideMyAss Reddit Roblox PornHub Hulu NordVPN IPVanish ExpressVPN TunnelBear MyFreeCams BitDefender CashApp Dominos CA Dominos UK Dominos US Mediafire Rapidgator Sendspace Shadow Cloud Gaming Tidal 4Shared Chaturbate DirtyFlix DogFartNetwork MEGA Deezer Windscribe DIRECTV Uber WWE Fitbit I have included all configs and modules from the Pro version. Just open the .exe, Leave the Auth Key empty and enjoy. Download [hide]!iWgRUATB!68unD6mK_4Dte7n8MBWxt18f3omN_7wcen-iuWRbqYw[/hide] Always use tools in Sanboxie / VM for extra safety.