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    Big thanks! Respect skimmer!
  4. - Service Socks5 Cheap - Check Socks5 This really useful site that checks if SOCKS5 are LIVE or DIE Another extremely useful thing is that it parses out SOCKS5 and ports if you copy paste a number of SOCKS5. You can check unlimited SOCKS5 a day but check Limit 100 SOCKS5 at a time. Paste SOCKS5 into the box and click Check Socks5 Here is the image check SOCKS5 Contact: Email: [email protected] Skype: Shopsocks5 - ICQ: 727362912
    Good manual! I hope this method will work for a long time.
  5. Usually, rich people are considered to be greedy people, while in fact poor people are much more greedy. A rich person is not greedy, he is prudent and economical, in most cases, a poor person is wasteful and reckless in his spending, poor people usually spend more than they earn, often finding themselves in debt. According to my observations, I have often noticed the difference between rich and poor, and I can tell you with confidence that among poor people, there are much more greedy, monstrously greedy people. The reason for this is primarily the social depression of such people, they feel inferior, deprived, inferior beings compared to others. As a rule, rich people cause them hatred and irritation, and strong envy. Therefore, as soon as such a person has the opportunity to get a little more, he considers it a chance for himself and tries to grab everything he can. Such human behavior has always been played and is being played with the aim of using it to their advantage. The method of bait for such people works perfectly, not having the material benefits that others have, a poor person is ready to do a lot to get hold of them. And it is completely useless to explain to him that much of what he does not have is completely unnecessary for him. A poor person always thinks that he needs something because he doesn't have it. No one has managed to create an equal society yet, in my opinion this is a utopia, at least until the upbringing of a person takes place in more equal conditions. There are still no necessary prerequisites for people to have an equally balanced psyche, and without such there will always be morally depressed people. Materialism has become the single goal in life they seek, and this materialism is nothing more than an idea. Such an idea could be anything, such as faith in God, or the idea of building a special society with equal rights. Materialism predominates in our world only because it goes hand in hand with need, and although most needs are imposed on people, money and material goods are the closest thing to them. Although it is not about money, as I have said, it is only about people who either accept you or not, and if society is negative towards poor people by oppressing them in every way, then the desire to be like everything else and even better will manifest itself in greed. In fact, to meet all of their needs, a person doesn’t need much, but only those who have it in the amount they need to live. And in fact, they don’t know, but they do, and everyone else who doesn’t have that doesn’t know that they’re not going to get enough for all the time that they get. If a person starved as a child, they are more likely to be obese, or to be overprotective of food. If a person did not have clothes as a child and had to fetch someone old and shabby clothes, it is more likely that they will become obsessed with buying clothes. It’s all so trivial that it’s become an iron rule, but not for those who suffer from it. Although there are exceptions, I know them. You just have to get all your fears out of your subconscious and take them to a conscious level. Then the man will realize that what had happened is gone, and before him a very different life, that there is no need to stockpile everything that he did not have before. You don’t wear two pants, you don’t eat five dinners, you don’t drive three cars at once, so what’s the point? A greed that comes from fear of losing everything and fear of failure. It’s only with such fear and appropriate behavior that a man loses the most important thing, his life. All your life chasing something, to the grave, is not life, and if you happen to be born into a poor family, then use it as an incentive to strive for a decent life, but not to be greedy to detail. Greed has never helped, it always goes hand in hand with stupidity and madness, poisoning life and sometimes ruining it.
    Trusted service. I got my iPhone.
  6. Pornhub summed up the results of the year.
  7. UberEats is doing something quite cosmic. And in the literal sense of the word - they delivered food to the International Space Station. Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa acted as a courier and brought with him a couple of cans of canned food. Yes, it's not a burger and cola, but you don't have to choose much in orbit — all restaurants are outside the delivery zone.
  8. Ukrainian law enforcement authorities reported the arrest of 51 suspects. These people sold personal data on hacker forums belonging to hundreds of millions of people around the world, including Ukraine, the United States and European countries. Investigators report that as a result of this operation, about 100 databases relevant for 2020-2021 were seized. In total, these databases contained various information about more than 300 million people. Law enforcement authorities have stopped the activities of an unnamed large website where personal data of both Ukrainians and foreign citizens was distributed. This resource contained information about phone numbers, full name, place of registration, and in some cases, information about administrative services provided related to the use of vehicles. "The attackers sold information on closed hacker forums, as well as on social networks and messengers. The cost of the bases ranged from 500 to 50,000 hryvnia - depending on its content and commercial value. In total, 117 searches were conducted in different regions of Ukraine, as a result of which more than 90,000 gigabytes of information were deleted," the official press release reads.
  9. the issue is resolved? Use escrow next time
  10. Dude finally made good with a replacement account.
  11. Posts from cracked io scam report : Scammers Profile Link: Thread: or Item(s) Scammed: 12 LTCScreenshots of Communication: [/url]Additional Information: Account was DOA, contacted immediately on discord and on here. When DM'd on discord, was online and immediately signed out after I sent my msg. Have done autobuy from @adzone before without issue but dude has been ducking me for almost 3 days now.Crypto address for a refund: Lg7svTKaD6xT6VEpcLwXnZq9QrcJmTejpaI would rather just a replacement account than a refund of what I sent but either way, doesn't really matter to me. I don't like filing a report like this, all dude has to do is reply to me somewhere. I hope everything is OK with them and their life. I see a few other scam reports on them that take days or weeks to resolve which is completely unecessary. @adzone, if you would just communicate with people we wouldn't fee this necessary to do and shouldn't have to do.Other Scam report threads, 1 says they were banned, not sure why they are active again:[email protected] @TekenEDIT: Also playing this game where they answer the call on discord and just don't say anything at all...... @adzone just contacted me on discord. will be sending me a replacement in a couple of hours when i get home. So looks like he was just playing me trying to get me to remove the scam report:Pinged @adzone on discord, called him. I told him i would be home within 2 hours and was home in 1.5 hours and now back to the same crap as before @LiarsOnline, but DND enabled on his account, doesn't respond to dm's. Calls get answered but just dead air.I know he read the thread here because he made a comment as you can see that it was his brother playing the games with the discord calls, not him. I only mentioned that in this thread. If he legit was going to replace the account, why not reply here in the thread as well as to me on discord? Like I just told you @adzone on discord, I am at work for the next 6 hours or so. Send me an account now if you want but I won't be able to test it until after work and I don't accept responsibility for the account until I can test it.And no, I am not closing the thread until I have a working account that doesn't have problems, so please stop asking me on discord to close the thread, like you did just now again. @adzone is supposed to give me a replacement account some time between now and 5 or 6 hours from now.He is still trying to convince me to close off this thread @Liars so I am not so sure I believe him though because of the time difference, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. 9pm my time should be 9am his time and, as you see he has many children and a mentally ill wife so I don't think being awake at 9am to provide me a replacement account is asking much as, with that dynamic, he should already be awake for hours at that point.You will also notice that he tried, under the guise of "using the correct method" to gain access and control of my computer even though I have purchased from him before and used his accounts without issue. Once I refused that suggestion, I was told that it is very difficult to get accounts nowadays--even though he told me yesterday he had fresh accounts in [email protected], one last time, this thread will continue to be updated and will not be closed until this is resolved. You gave me permission to post our discord chat logs here and I will continue to do so. Please do not tell me to be patient again, I believe I have been more than patient and understanding to your life's problems, but this is extremely simple and should take seconds to resolve. Provide the replacement account or return the exact LTC amount sent to you, shown here:@adzone You are the one making this complicated and making it last for days and days. If you don't have accounts, just return the LTC, this is extremely simple. You are even showing in your store that you have an aged streamate account in stock (which was showing 0 yesterday) for basically the same amount as what I sent you for my purchase. Also, at the time of my purchase, you still had 5 accounts in stock of the item I purchased, which is down to 0 now meaning you sold 5 accounts instead of simply replacing the one you owe me:You are also showing 1 account at $150 you have in stock which you could send me right now and then just send me a 250 account when you have more stock later. I am not unreasonable and am willing to work with you here but you need to give me something from your side instead of failed promises brother:Try and remember @adzone, I don't owe you anything. You have my money and you haven't provided anything for my money when you had both the stock and opportunity to do so according to your store. My count, with the 2 I saw today is that you have had 7 accounts you could have provided me 1 replacement account from (and yes, selly is in real time, you just simply go in and remove an account instead of selling it), 1 just as a partial repayment, but instead you choose to keep playing this game. This is all on you brother.Latest discord dm history: @adzone was supposed to send me an account after I got off work but because of the 12 hour time difference, I told him to wait until 9pm my time which would be 9am his time. I assumed with a mentally ill wife and 3 children he would be awake by 9am.We are now 1.5 hours past this time and I obviously need some parenting tips from him because I raised 2 kids on my own and Monday morning I had to be awake at 6am just to get them up, fed and ready for school. I am amazed at how he accomplishes all of this and is stil sleeping at 10:30am on a Monday morning. /[email protected], just ban this guy. It is obviously that a once honest and trusted seller here for many years has had personal issues of some kind and has decided that it is acceptable to play games and become a scammer. This time, don't lift the ban. Obviously the ban he received 6 months ago didn't do the trick.It is obvious the 7 acounts he sold over the last 4 days after the one I purchased must have all been bogus as well or he would have ended this long ago and just simply given me one out of his stock. Even worse, he restocked one of his streamate categories today while refusing to provide me an account, which likely means he is purposely and knowingly selling dead accounts. By my count if all of this is true, he has scammed 7 other people in 4 days since my purchase. After calling @adzone on discord continuously for 2 hours, he finally gave me a replacement account. Initial test seems OK, will report back after using the account.FYI, his justification for selling and restocking his store the last 4 days instead of issuing me a replacement was he only processes replacement accounts when he has extra accounts to give. He needs to populate his store first before issuing replacements. Account worked almost an hour but got cut off after using right around [email protected], if you can't provide a good, working account, just refund my LTC pleaseNow @adzone is playing games again. Was online when i pinged him, went to DND so I started calling him on discord and now he's signed out of discord.....OOPS, now back to DND. Why is this so difficult?After googling the username provided for the account, I am fairly certain either he or a friend of his opened an account tonight then reported unauthorized usage on the account and got it shut down after he gave it to me. @Liars, it is very obvious that @adzone has no intention of making this right. Over the last 4 days, he has now sold 8 accounts on his Selly store, restocked categories on his Selly store and provided me with only 1 replacement account that didn't even last 1 hour of continuous usage and only $50 spent before the payment method mysteriously got cut off because the credit card was declined, according to support--and I was not the first to talk to support--they closed the chat on me without me saying anything with a message saying they just told me how to resolve the account issue. I had to reconnect with support to get the full explanation about the credit card being declined and learning the account had just been opened moments before @adzone gave me the credentials.He also told me he would be online if there was any issues with the account but has been ignoring me every sincei reported the account being dead. He immediately went oflfline after i sent the dm on discord, then came back online in DND mode and did this a few times for about an hour/I just want my money back now but it does not look like that is going to happen either. @adzone used to be awesome and trustworthy, it is very sad to see this happen and I hate to say it but he needs a permaban or at least a ban until he sorts out whatever crap he is going through.The only possible explanation for not giving me 1 of the 8 accounts he sold over the past 4 days was that they were all bogus which means he scammed a possible 8 other people as well as me--especially considering he restocked and sold yesterday while telling me he had to crack more accounts before I could have one.
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