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  1. @HeartSpecialist it's 511k don't post wrong details
  2. The problem is with your rdp only Prove it :kek: in my PC already installed and all .DLLs of the checker is in the correct directory
  3. I didn't get any support from them and now i have no use for the rdp You bought an rdp which works, did they give you a deal that they would provide another one if your checkers didn't work or something? nope
  4. The problem is with your rdp only
  5. I didn't get any support from them and now i have no use for the rdp
  6. Scammers Profile Link: Sales Thread: Amount or Item(s) Scammed: 8 Cores, 15 GB Ram, High Network Speed, 128 GB SSD storage, $15/month Screenshots of Communication: I don't have any because they deleted my ticket Additional Information: yesterday i got my rdp and after a few hours i told him that one of my main checkers is not working in the rdp "works fine in my pc and previous rdp". I send it him the pic of the error: and told him that i already installed all the net framework, So they told me to contact the dev and i told him i can't reach him. Today in the morning i told him to give me another rdp with a different location to test my checker on it and if it's working fine then i will get the new one and if not i will stick with my old one after that they deleted my ticket with helping me with my problem
  7. I have the paid version -.- RIP @N0P any solution? I have all Net Framework installed
  8. @noob007 link expired ._. nvm I got the real link
  9. Up to date or u just repost it together?
  10. @swiftment Can u add order capture? Doesn't work for me