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  1. Does this actually work though lets see
  2. Dumb me i was so bad reversing back then, that the premium setting toggle did nothing so here is a fix now that i have better knowledge of cracking! Official Site: http://www.ultimatesurveybot.com/ Download: [hide] https://mega.nz/#!VotRxQzR!lNny7tVN-FmpqjgjUR84B2bBDqDdqZ2KbeswOHh_np0 [/hide] https://i.imgur.com/cqPmRRO.png[/img] VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f77cd31fa5aeeae5549c09273654693b61354f7523a3486f74ad6829c379b5a6/detection False positives so dont worry!!! will require admin privileges run in sandboxie or vm if you dont believe me
  3. Yes i know ive gained more knowledge and this thread is old af, anyway i have my own modded cfex private atm
  4. Hello everyone today i have coded a new tool called 'QuickProxy' you can use this for HTTP, Socks4 and Socks5. This a is a really fast checker which can over over 250 threads totally up to you! Instructions: Create a file if not their already proxies.txt Enjoy! Download: [hide] https://mega.nz/#!lttlWKhC!lMTF495aI9iibLdROVsixTOXsQfPuLlcNuI_Eip5faI [/hide] VirusTotal NOTE: FALSE POSITIVE ALSO MIGHT TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO LOAD DUE TO OBFUSCATION!
  5. Safengine Protector Cracked! [WAS NOT CRACKED BY ME!!!] Official Website: http://www.safengine.com/en-us/products/protector/ Features: Anti Debug Anti Trace Anti Virtualization Anti Attach Anti Dump Anti API Hooks Self Integrity Check Code & Data Encryption Metamorphic Code Generation Branch Obfuscation Code Mutation Code Virtualization Advanced Code Replace Import Elimination API Relocation Combining Sections Embedding Watermarks Plugin Support You might think they are all good protections but this can be cracked in a few seconds! Download: [hide] https://mega.nz/#!1hVhnI5a!whr6wq8t_6CSVaBDP1gwelcqyhopvNnH2-x3AFHPqF4 [/hide] VirusTotal False Positives dont believe me? run in sandboxie or vm!
  6. [hide] https://ufile.io/wlpbxn4z [/hide] FIXED LINK PS: Only valid for 30Days :ezy:
  7. ENJOYYYY!!!!! :fiesta: :fiesta: Download: [hide] https://pastr.io/view/grCNWp [/hide]
  8. I tweaked it a bit ::kek: but not many people want to sit through having to go through pages full of viruses to download it Alright bro :feelsgood: :fine: :smart:
  9. Come on bro why you gotta skid this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQBzouWW6eI&t=31s
  10. MEGA API CHECKER just a simple Mega.NZ checker with capture. added threads and reduced displayed capture for fast process Capture will be in the Hits File. Maximum threads 100. I recommend 50. Wont go faster because the API need time to retrieve all files from accounts Useless to crack. i used a public Mega API ---- CRACKED IT ANYWAY NO need for AUTH just put your combo.txt in the directory and wait for it to start it will take a few seconds just be patient! Reasons for slow start: Its counting the combolist after that a thread ammount will pop up just continue like normal!! :kek: Download: [hide] https://mega.nz/#!44VnlCaS!M9gKQF0mf_gESEWy2GvC6MoDpXCClahx-_eAVNyC4kU [/hide] VirusTotal Detections cause of obfuscation! PS: Also added in a 46MB combo list
  11. Here Check this: https://imgur.com/a/v0aHZUS https://imgur.com/a/55SyWYw uploaded new download link with fixed keygen try now!
  12. Doesn't work. Upload pic and it should of made a new file called key.ini