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  1. [align=center] MineCraft SFA GTA V "working on it" PokeMon Go "wroking on it" animedigitalnetwork "working on it" More wil be added when i brute other stuff.[/align] https://shoppy.gg/user/Laughing_coffin :hype: Have an issue, DM me on discord. :hype:
  2. I am in some need of c# coders to join my team to build onto OpenBullet Reborn. You will need to know c# dont contact us if you have no code experience If you are interested HMU on Discord. ZEN AKU#2590
  3. i can vouch for this, nice hosting good owners respond quickly.
  4. twitch doesnt allow email logins anymore lel
  5. The time is now Updater is still being worked on, LOLIXi is not supported at this time [hide] https://github.com/FOR-PARADOX/REB "stable .exe build" https://github.com/FOR-PARADOX/REBO- "source build" [/hide]
  6. complain to pure, we are starting a stable version.
  7. to sum it up: simple, pure wanted to quit the version we had, and open a new old under his name because 1 no one was giving him the credit 2 no one was donating to him, Q: Will Ob paradox comeback, if so when? A: we are working on version 1.x of openbullet, so it may take a day or two. Q: I know how to code c#. A: Join the discord ask cassel or Zen Aku to join the dev team. https://github.com/FOR-PARADOX/Reboot/ a backup of reboot, -Team Paradox-
  8. unorganized capture post YOU BETTER LIKE THIS POST, IM LOOKING AT YOU. :hype: [hide]https://pastr.io/view/gRAJMd[/hide]
  9. Thanks @EliteEmper0r thread can be closed now :)