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  1. Nice work Pure#9257 and Team Paradox p.s i hope too @Forlax escaped
  2. OB REBOOT An OPENBULLET discord server rebuilt by some HQ peoples Server Contains:- 1.Config section where .loli and .loliX are posted 2.Freebies where some HQ combos and proxies are posted 3.Much more to come soon Join the OB REBOOT and make it grow more Link
  3. [hide][/hide] ENJOY FELLAS
  4. want to check some combos i got thanks man appreciate the work
  5. Nice work man i hope it is better than dork searcher z
  6. [hide][/hide] ENJOY FELLAS
  7. [hide][/hide] ENJOY FELLAS
  8. [hide][/hide] ENJOY FELLAS
  9. [hide][/hide] ENJOY FELLAS
  10. Premium= does that means onlu upgraded members can have it ? btw great work cracking man
  11. Experience and skills :- I have been on this forum for quite a while. I have good amount of experience in cracking and Config making of BlackBullet. Some of my HQ Posts:- All the criteria's are fulfilled :- At least 1 week online time : Got 3 Weeks of active time At least 30 posted threads : Got 58 Threads A thread to post ratio of below 1:7 :- Yes A warning level of 0% :- Yes Not a leecher : No
  12. Going through the same situation Man but m managing it :kek: