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  1. Hello, I know this sounds really weird but is it normal to have a crush on your cousin? It's like the more I see her I feel more attracted, I honestly have had this crush since I was a little ol boy we used to see each other a lot when we were little kids and only hung out, I've asked some friends what I should do but they just laughed at me. I really feel disgusted but can't seem to stop and a couple of months ago she got a boyfriend which made me mad and jealous. I'm not sure what to do, she lives in Los Angles and my family plans to move over their too this year I'm super scared and grossed out but at the same time, I really like it, I also can't do anything as she is the closest family member especially her mom. Should I get professional help? I'm really lost at this point.
  2. Fuuuck, thought this was an account release riipp
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  5. Thanks for the share got 2 of the accounts with a lot of points
  6. The title pretty much says it all I want a account with a good up to date lua course or courses for 1k accounts. If you want to make this deal DM me on discord Jonny The Wizard#9603
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