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  1. 100% would trust this even if osama biden was giving me a handshake in the desert
  2. Yesterday - 05:12 PM @oBambino wyd
  3. Rules are simple Tag a friend , Reply and wait! ends 7/26/2019 May the odds ever be in your favor ( Note I may still upgrade people while the giveaway is in progress so hate me later ) :comfy:
  4. Got discord hacker boy
  5. [hide] Tik Tok Username : @.hay_hay.12!Oyp2HKxR!GUaMliDndjJCH1AOS5m5Kg Tik Tok Username : @__purple_milk__!3rQSRAzQ!xE8G-h4-bHorz_4OLxJvFQ Tik Tok Username : @_ahl6175!7qRSjAYR!ZtQikXdoUYigyOOfXetMTw [/hide]
  6. @ForlaxPy Pretty buggy eh? Double clicking almost anything causes a crash direct IRC crashes ( I dont know shit about the rat so maybe its me) Not seeing any commands after device is connected, as I said this could just be me but a guide would be neato
  7. someone make this a mega link I dont wanna torrent it
  8. sir 3 USD is 10 Shekels @cab so when sending sir after I told you can send less to cover the fee Alright Got cashapp or something? As I can’t even send 50 cents
  9. well you didn't respond to me in Discord saying that in 3 days so... send here what you can: 3BwLBJQCY2SJQ4xtU7ShN2UTFaQUTc7ctU thanks :jewl: No problem m8, I thought I sent you the SS on discord but I’ll message ya when. I send Sos :hype:
  10. Damn whole ass scam report For 3.00 :kappa: I have been unable to send because Btc fee is being stupid
  11. [align=center]Sup Fellas got a dead asf server you fellers can join for emoji's If you nitro boost I can upload more than what we have I can also upload custom ones so if Im missing some IMGUR them and dm me via discord [/align]