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  1. SSJ


    [align=center]For a while now I've been on, this is a lovely community however I don't want to be under this alias anymore and I'm quitting it, I will be on every once in a while and I'll try to maintain contact with a few people trying my hardest not to expose my other alias. I have enjoyed my time here on and will forever love this community and nothing will be able to shatter my respect for anybody here who I love dearly. I joined on October 10th 2018 and I am quitting the cracking community and on April 13th 2019, I will crack for my own benefit of course such as cracking hulu and shit like that for myself and I'll be active on here to leech things ;) but other from that I really won't be here anymore. I started as a leech who eventually grew to love the community greatly and I will never forget that, I basically grew all my cracking knowledge from here, I'm probably a nobody who no one will give a fuck about in a day or two, and I respect that. Thank you everybody. Some people I would love to greatly say thanks to are @gxd ; Though we have lost contact in the past months you were my first friend, you were there for me when I needed someone, you helped me through my rough times, thank you. @Her you were there along for the ride as I was, I'll stay in contact with you as much as I can, you taught me how to crack, and how to trust people. @iJuggerNugget man do I fucking hate and love you at the same time, you were a great friend but I hated you at times, not really hate just annoyance that brothers get with each other, thank you for everything even if we didn't get along the best. @EliteEmper0r you are a great reverser and a very talented person that I give my full respect to, thank you. @"Faggot Slayer" well we've known each other for a decent amount of time, you were always a great spirited person who I enjoyed to hang around with, sorry if I was stubborn at times thank you for everything. @9x137 we never really got time to know each other yet we hung out, it was fun and great to hang out with you, I respect you a great and talented reverser, thank you. @FBI you are a great guy who i always respected and loved, thank you. @mesvak you.. you.. Idk you were a weird guy who I respected. @"ZEN AKU" a great person in general, I love him fully and respect him fully, he also have a great forum that I love. @floraiN you were always nice to me and youre a great guy, sexy too ;) , I always respected you and looked up to you though I never really thought we were friends I still love you, thank you. @Tyler1Alpha , look Im sorry for that big troll shit, I know you got paranoid, I just wanted to say sorry I wish you the best of luck, thank you for everything. @kxee I love your gfx, I wish you the best of luck you were always a nice friend of mine, thank you. @SDS some would say you're the better version of a clone than me, I always respected you and I looked up to you as you were practically the better version of me lol, thanks. DM her to try and contact me if you really want to for some odd reason. Thats pretty much all I have to say, sorry if I didn't include your name it would of taken me forever to type everyones names, I enjoyed my time here on and I may one day return who knows, maybe I will reveal my alias or something. I won't start another account on as I already have this one thank you all though. This community taught me everything I know and I will always love it. I also want say thank you to all the incredible staff. Goodbye.[/align]
  2. SSJ

    Delete this.

    Ill miss you <3
  3. "It's on a rollout to 5% random servers."
  4. Six supreme upgrades?! dude why would you dare me to do that 7*
  5. sorry mate but i worked hard and paid a lot of money for this ;(
  6. (Thread made by @SSJ - I know its bad, I'm bad, don't judge...) Basically, Oblivion will be a group of 'hackers' (Crackers/Coders/Reversers/etc). We will be selling products in the future though I will not talk about this in this thread. Click on the image to join the discord server. Currently there is 9 people in Oblivion, you can apply to join Oblivion in the discord server. The people who are currently in Oblivion include: @SSJ @Her @iJuggerNugget @EliteEmper0r @9x137 @"Abu Umar" @"BIG SIDI" [align=center]@"Cool Gamer" @Ghost[/align] We would like for everybody to know that we want/have no beef with any other groups, we are not trying to be a rival of any other groups, we love everybody at Onyx and want no beef with them at all, thank you for understanding. We would love to give back to the community and make a small amount of money while at it. We will release/leak programs/configs/combolist/accounts and more. Thank you community, we love you all! - Team Oblivion
  7. Good luck with dox then mate! @Jocker ban this faggot, he admitted to scamming:
  8. i stole your btc, ill give it back for all your btc :pepo:
  9. No, this meme is very dead and it always was a trash meme, who gives a fuck if your neck is deformed.