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  1. This method is probably somewhere else, but it just worked for me. Please like as it took a long time to write this [hide] So this method uses: Privacy (As Credit Card) Amazon AWS Make an Amazon account at (Use fake information) Sign into the Amazon AWS account, if it makes you make another account for the AWS part of Amazon do it Click your username in the top right corner of the webpage > My Billing Dashboard > Payment Methods Sign up at (if you have a disposable prepaid card that you bought you can use that and skip to step 7) Create a card with only $1 in it. Go back to Amazon AWS Add the card (from privacy or your prepaid card) Go to Services > EC2 If it says you need to wait 24 hours for your VPS to get started, go to the support center and create a case (If it doesn't go to step 14) Say something for the title like "Can't get access to the EC2" and for the description put something like "I put my payment info in but I can't get access to the EC2" Wait something like 2 hours Check your inbox for something about your AWS account is ready or something like that. Go back to Amazon AWS GO to Services > EC2 It should allow you to create a VPS now Create your VPS! [/hide]
  2. [align=center] [/align] Leave a Like For More, it's just 1 click! Don't get banned for leeching. Leechers will be REPORTED. Enjoy ! [hide] It may take a couple of tries to get it, but once you do, BOOM!! You just got yourself a lifetime worth of Malwarebytes Premium :fiesta: Please vouch and Leave a Like if it's working! DL: VT: [/hide]
  3. [hide] In this guide I will tell you how to get a new IP, Phone number, address, VCC and documents. I will also tell you how to not get limited. How to create a stealth PayPal Account You will need a new IP address, The best thing is a VPN (VPS or proxies are easy to detect by PayPal or eBay so try avoid using those). Head to IPBURGERand purchase a Fresh Dedicated VPN. You will want a private IP/VPN that is not shared or been used before by anyone because that IP may have already been used by other people for PayPal and you may get linked to that account and get limited.2.You will need a new address, you can get a generated one 3. Now you will need a new phone number, For this I recommend using a Mobile app called TextMe. You can keep a number for 1 Month for £4.59 and you can choose a phone number that matches your country and state that you got from the fake name generator. 4. Now you will need a Virtual Credit Card or VCC for this I recommend using SecondEye its only $15 for a VCC but it will be worth it in the long term as in the future they can make fake credit card/ bank statement in case your PayPal gets limited. 5. Create a new user on your PC/Laptop (Make sure nothing sync to the new user e.g. google chrome data – settings and stuff. This is so that you basically have a new PC/Laptop and all your cookies, Cache, Data for your Stealth account is not linked to other accounts. (To be extra careful I just browse as guest on the new user that way no cookies or cache ever get saved). If your account does somehow get limited because you didn’t follow this guide properly then Visit SecondEyethey can create fake documents such as Passport, Supplier invoice Bank/credit card statements and print it out to make it look real, I’ve used them personally and they respond pretty fast and the documents do work. How to no get your PayPal Limited Never use public VPN for example NordVPN. Never use the same name, phone number or IP when creating a stealth PayPal (They will all get linked and if 1 account is limited all your account will go down). If your account is fully verified it doesn’t mean you wont get limited, don’t receive over $50 a day when your account is new you want to grow it e.g. receive $50 or less a day for a few weeks then move up to $60 a day for a few weeks. Always receive money as Friends and Family when receiving money, If you get paid using Goods and Services you’re putting your account at risk every time because PayPal will want to know what that transaction is for. This is because they want to tax you or check for anti-fraud. If you are using multiple stealth accounts create a new user on your PC or each account otherwise PayPal will detect you because of your cookies and cache. You can clear cookies and cache if you don’t want to make new users but better be save than sorry. Once you received $1,500 or near more or less your account will 100% get limited, if you want to keep the account then Visit secondeye solutions for fake documents or just make a new account. [/hide]
  4. [hide] Adding a custom domain to your blog brings more professional and increase your rankings in search engines. Adding a custom domain to your blogger blog will change your blog address from to,, or whatever domain extension you registered. Today I am going to share a great tutorial on how you can register free .tk, .ga, .gq, .cf, .ml domains for your blog and use it as a custom domain name in blogger. This will surely build a trust toward your visitors and increase your visitors count  too as people prefer to visit a custom domain blog instead of a sub-domain. So let's start the tutorial on using freenom free domain names as blogspot blog's custom domain. How to Register Free Freenom Domain : Just follow the below steps to register your .tk, .ml, .cf, .ga, .gq domain name for 1 year absolutely free of cost. After the completion, we will discuss on how to use it as a custom domain on Blogger. 1. Go to and check availability by entering a great domain name for your blog. 2. If it is available, click on Get it now! button and the selected domain will be added to your cart. 3. After that, Click on checkout tab. 4. On the next page, change Period from 3 months to 12 months ( Don't worry, it remains free) and Click Continue Now enter your email address in the given space or you can use your social profile for login. If you want to sign up using email address then enter it and click on Verify my Email. 6. Check! You will receive a confirmation link to your email address. Simply, click on that. 7. Congrats! You have registered your free domain. [/hide] Leechers will be Fired in the World War III
  5. [hide]use and and use 2.0 use 2ndline 3.0 use my dick[/hide]
  6. Note: This is a new method (2019) the old method is now patched [hide] What you need: A store that sells physical gift cards. A smart phone with a camera Head to a store that sells the physical gift cards and take one – preferably its a big shop or store so that there are more people surrounding you. But if it’s a small store then just be quick about it. Get out your phone and take a picture of the back of the card (the barcode). Then bring the Gift card to the checkout and get it SCANNED, then pretend that you left your wallet in the car and you will be right back. Leave the store and head home. Now visit Selct “Digital services” and “Apps, Appstore or GameCircle” and then select “Chat”. You are now going to tell the representative that the code on the Gift card is scratched and completely unreadable, when they ask “Where did you buy the card?” say that you got it from a friend. They will then ask you for the barcode number or serial number, then you look at the picture and tell them the number in the bottom right of the card. Then just wait 24 hours for them to credit the money in to your account. [/hide] [align=center] Enjoy This Method[/img] [/align]
  7. YOU CAN USE THIS TO DO SOME AUTHENTICATION YOU NEED TO SEND MSG OR CONNECT ANONYMOUS! [hide]-------------------------------------- [APP ANDROID] -------------------------------------- [MSG TEXTO] --------------------------------------[/hide]
  8. About ProtonVPN : Proton Secure VPN sends your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so your passwords and confidential data stay safe, even over public or untrusted Internet connections Keep your browsing history private. As a Swiss VPN provider, we do not log user activity or share data with third parties. Our anonymous VPN service enables Internet without surveillance Unlike other VPN services, ProtonVPN is designed with security as the main focus, drawing upon the lessons we have learned from working with journalists and activists in the field. ProtonVPN is a no logs VPN service. We do not track or record your internet activity, and therefore, we are unable to disclose this information to third parties. [hide] How To Get ProtonVPN Premium Account : First of All, Open ProtonMail Website Here Now Click Register Account Enter Details & Register Now Go to ProtonVPN Website Or Download App Login Via ProtonMail Account You Just Created Boom You Got 7 Days Premium Account. Unlimited Trick : Go To Setting > App Management > ProtonVPN > Clear Data Now Repeat The Above Step With Another Mail ID. Its an 2 minute process for the most amazing VPN Service Ever. [/hide]
  9. [hide] Install Python 3.7 from Paste your Proxies URL in Line 19 install all modules from requirements.txt example: py -m pip install future[/hide]
  10. She gotta nice ass :wut: Please leave a like for more of these, I've got a lot <3 [hide]!d48yzABQ!dc-CWmrhKSQgRFbMQq54QQ[/hide] More Previews:
  11. Yall better not leech this shit :kek: Mega with tons of girls, A - Z If this doesn't get super leeched i'm uploading an Instagram model with over 100k followers nudes, Shes pretty hot ;) [hide]!69VmRAbB!MEQg5-pXbWmgDutlqnLFgA[/hide]
  12. Today I decided to share pretty high quality traffic source with you. I used to make tons of bucks with these sites
  13. [hide] Goto for temp mail and then go here So first go here at the first page you will see a put the name button and other detials so there put random things but on mail put ur temp mail. Then it will redirect u to a page. Click on virtual desktop and complete captcha and boom rdp will open ;)  [/hide] Leechers will be Fired in the World War III
  14. FREE NITRO USING PAYPAL Reply to get the method! This may be released already ( i honestly dont know) :??: :fiesta: Leave a like if this helped ya (not asking) :fiesta: LEECHERS WILL BE REPORTED! [hide] 1. Make sure you have at least the amount of money of the nitro you want ( IN PAYPAL) 2. Make a new discord account 3. Go to the Discord store and buy the nitro you want as a gift. 4. Get the gift link and copy it and redeem it to your main 5. When your nitro is going to expire soon charge back on them using paypal. 6. This will take your nitro away but not ban u but possibly ban the ALT you made. 7. Repeat and get free nitro! [/hide]
  15. She is 18 right [hide]!LlUhnaAD!Ey6AF64hHG-_vWs9k-BLgQ[/hide] RUBEN [hide]!yg8GSKCa!PBvwR2brrVwx7iLDgCIWpQ[/hide] RG2018 [hide]!yg8GSKCa!PBvwR2brrVwx7iLDgCIWpQ[/hide] Full collection Ruben or Realgirls2018 (hannah,kylie rose and more) Please leave a like <3
  16. [align=center]Hey, Crackers! I've got you a new method how to get FREErpd/vps for 2months! Let's get started: [hide] How this method works? You basically get the free 100$ trial from DigitalOcean and install Windows on their Linux instances INSTRUCTIONS: Firstly , go to and make an account and verifiy it with a vcc. ( I used iCard VCC for this tutorial) IF you can't find a good VCC you can always use PayPal as a payment option , but you need to add 5 euro to the account. Small price for 2 months of RDP Create a new project ,enter it and create a Linux Droplet. (I recommend 8 ram 4 cpu,it will last 2 months) Click on the droplet you just created to enter the control panel. From there, look for "RECOVERY" section and click on it. 1) Click on "boot from recovery ISO" , shut down the VPS and start it. 2) Click on "Console" , copy the randomly generated password in notepad , type 6 and press enter. Close the console. 3)Enter putty (if you don't have it, download it from google) . At "Host name" put the VPS ip and click Open. The user will always be "root" , after you write "root" and press enter, you'll have to enter the randomly generated password from the previous step. Here you have to download the windows file , I already have the download link ready. Enter this command " wget -O- | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda " This is windows server 2016. If the link won't wont in the future , go to and search for a windows ISO file After you execute the command, wait untill it says it finished downloading. 4)After the windows file downloaded , close putty, go back to DigitalOcean control panel and switch from "Boot from recovery" to "Boot from hardrive" and shut it off and start it again. 5) At this point , windows has been installed on the server , now you just need to set up the internet connection and expand the disk Volume. Enter the "Console" from control Panel to open the RDP. (you can't from the remote desktop program because the network is not set up). The Password for the RDP will be set by default as "P@ssword64" , you can change it later. 6)Go and click on the internet button and click on network settings Spoiler Click on network sharing center >Ethernet 2 > Properties >Internet Protocol Verion 4 >Properties Spoiler After you do that , click on "Use the following IP Address" and fill in like I did here: Spoiler When you're done, click on ok and close everything, now you can enter the RDP trough "remote desktop" program. By default, your :C disk will have 10-15GB on it, to solve that , go to start and search "server manager" , wait for it to load and go to "File and Storage Services" > Disks , right click on :C and click "extend volume" and enter the maximum number . Spoiler After you do this step, your RDP is done , ready to crack on it / sell it. The RDP can last from 1-2 weeks to 3 months maybe? After your 100$ are done, your instances will still work, you'll have a negative balance. [/hide] [/align]
  17. [hide]!jUJk1Cgb!iHOiixCtSBJ5tE-xTc5_3g [/hide]
  18. Dont leech :)) [hide][/hide]
  19. This is useful in order to get awesome offers like Amazon Prime (6 months free), Twitch Prime (6 months free), Jetbrains Student, Unlimited Google Drive Space, and more. Enjoy! Please like if it works for you, and don't leech smh :/ Keep in mind it takes about 7 mins to create it and 20-30 mins for it to verify and work I have been using this for over a year, so most likely this won't get patched. [hide] Go to https://www.openccca...user2=&user3=ft Click "Create Account" and click "Being Creating My Account" Now go to and sign in with Google. Go to advanced options and set the age to only 23 (23-23). Set the gender to whatever you want, and click generate. Enter the data from the fakenamegenerator into the Account Creation on the application. Select "I don't have a middle name". Also select No for Previous name and No for Preferred Name. Also select None for Suffix Copy the birthday from the fakenamegenerator (make sure the age is correct, year 1995) Enter the SSN from the form, but don't include the dashes, (just the numbers) Click Continue Get a trash email service (You NEED access to it) and enter that email in the email and email confirmation place. Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator with the dashes into the first number box and check the box under it. Leave the second phone number blank. Go to Zoom in and click on a house in the red area Click on the little box at the bottom with the street address that is shown Enter the address shown on the left of google maps into the account creation forum Click continue Enter a random username, password, and pin. You won't need to remember this info Choose and answer security questions randomly, You dont need these. Solve the captcha and click "Create my account" Click continue Click Start Application Select a random term, and select undecided on both goal and major. Select "My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above" Click Continue Select the gender of the name you used Choose "No" for transgender and select heterosexual/straight Select random educational levels Select "No" for Hispanic or Latino Only Select WHITE Click Continue Select First-time student in college (after leaving high school) Select Received high school diploma from U.S. schoool Select 21th of June, then the year before you are doing this (while im writing this, 2017) Check Yes for both boxes Select I attended high school, California, and Sacramento High. Put 3.50-4.0 as GPA, and put random highest courses and grades corrolating to GPA Select No degree and select no Colleges/Universities Attended (None) Click Continue Select US citizen and select No military status applies to me Select Yes for California Residence and select no for everything else Click continue Select the follow answers in order: yes, no, no, no not interested. Then select random programs Select English as primary language Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator as your cell phone number (without dashes) Select 3.50 and above as GPA Select 0 as number of college units Select US for both options for additional citizenship info Select random household income, random indiviuals and select none, not searching for employent Select no for all options Select no for learning disabilities and yes for work experience Choose and answer security questions (REMEMBER THESE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS) Click continue, click I consent, then continue again Click "I have reviewed this application and confirm it is complete and accurate" Check both boxes and click Submit My Application You should get an email saying they got your application Wait until they accept it (usually takes about 30 mins on work hours) You should get an email saying they accepted it Go to Click the set new password button and copy the student id in the email to the box Paste the student ID on the form Enter the security questions from earlier Enter the new password of your choice Go to Login Click Los Rios Gmail You have finished the guide! You are in your email account now. Your email address is w(studentID)@[/hide]
  20. Drop a like for more content like this! [align=center][hide]Go to Limit for free plan on this website is 1 GB bandwidth monthly. You can pay for some better plans (and I highly recommend it as it keeps these proxies HQ) or use some temporary email providers such as to register new account whenever your limit is reached. Regardless if you choose to pay for them or make multis here is how to set it up: On the left side bar go to IP Authentication tab and add your IP to the list - You can add more than 1 IP so if you use some VPS you can add it here too. Go to List tab and choose countries you want, authentication method set to IP authentication and proxy list mode as "no-gap assignment" then download the proxy list and use it anywhere you want Note: If you are going to make multis then remember to remove your IP on old account and add it on new account. I'm using those proxies and I can confirm it's hard to get better CPMs with other proxies also I didn't notice those proxies to be banned on any website. If it comes to sqli dumping then I can easily get 50-65k urls in dumper. If you wanna use them in sqli dumper there's a tip from me: If you can don't use those proxies when exploiting and analizying injectables as it send tons of requests and will use most of your bandwidth. [/hide][/align]
  21. :fiesta: Discord Token Gen :fiesta: My friend was selling this token gen, someone leaked it so he asked me to post it on here, enjoy! Newest Version: [/url] [hide][/hide] [align=center]To use it all you have to do is: [/align] - Put your proxies in proxies.txt - Open Token Gen.exe - Fill out the info it asks for - Sit back and get tokens Leave a like or you're gay
  22. Hello there, I wrote this guide like 4 years ago but i think still good atm check it out! [hide][/hide]
  23. E-WHORE ON AUTO PILOT METHOD [hide]Your mindset for this method to work should be "Never underestimate the power of a horny male." Step 1: Get an E-Whoring pack. Private one for maximum profits! Step 2: Register on Instagram with your E-Whore girl photo(Non nude one but revealing) Use name that screams age 21 basic girl, something like Jessie. Step 3: Make your bio something similar to "Support your local horny girl, daddy check the link in bio *kissemoji* / Need money for college will do ANYTHING, link in bio *kissemoji*" (Or something similar appeal to those thirsty mofos, something daddy something should work) Step 4: Upload some revealing pics. Anything 3-12 should work best. Photo caption: Check my bio, please *kissemoji* If you get phone verification go HERE(No-Affiliates) they are cheap af. Step 5:(HOW TO AUTOMATE THE E-WHORING): Register HERE(No-Affiliates)(its to receive payment for auto-buying of your nudes) with female name , connect your paypal / skrill. Go to Products > Add product, experiment with the price.(15-25$ is ok) Title: Something like "Thank you daddy, love you" Select Payment gateway paypal / stripe On file upload your e-whore pack, if its too big select service and put "Enjoy my pics get*them here: " Save it and put the link in your bio HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST REFUND ON PAYPAL: Simply say you sold a digital product(pictures) and they got the product so please no refunds. + attach picture of whole selly page, it will look like this: CLICK(No-Affiliates) AUTOMATION STEP 1 HAS BEEN COMPLETE NOW HOW TO AUTOMATE* Step 6: Register HERE(No-Affiliates) - It will be used for automating the IG Account(s), its the cheapest for the ammount of featurers it offers. Upon registration you get 3 day free trial for 1 account. Connect your IG account. Targeting tab: Chek Tags Speeds tab: Run it on slow the first week then normal for the first month then you can run the fast speeds. Comments: Check Don't comment same users, input something like "Hey, i help, check my profile" / "Urgent help needed, check my profile" / "Hey, daddy :)" / Get creative with those ones, remember, men are two things horny as fuck and prone to help in a financial situation. Direct message: Same as above ^ Follow: Check both Tags: Default might be ok, expeirment with more sexual ones, i can't give you the full thing since i am profiting from the same deal. (Hint hint)Google banned instagram hashtags and input them in the search bar, their substitute comes up for example if you type #bbc , #bbcslut comes up.(Hint hint) * THATS IT! This is totally scalable![/hide]
  24. [hide]!rU0E2Kpb!hfoex_h7KkBYG-DTflL_kg!4ZxygC7I!4-b5MkCBsJiaToxEtmi_Bw!wFgmQQCC!eewtl2xMtsvVBdgjxD-hISKkZCEwzo9AgScGmDSQWuI[/hide] Like thx & check out my shop :pepegun:
  25. [hide]LINK : HERE [/hide] :fiesta: GIVE ME A LIKE FOR MORE