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  1. I and the other H-Gen owners found exploits for abuse the test period on Crunchyroll and nordvpn. do you know what? xD they removed the test period :kek: or nordvpn removed it 100% but crunchtroll changed it to googe play shit only :pepe: What is H-Gen?: Click Here
  2. Much peoples here use rdps for cracking... (I guess....) and rdp providers dont allow proxyless (it is rare af they allow)... so I think Spotify and Uplay with proxies checker is a good idea :pupper:
  3. why do u post only one account lmao
  4. Got a email:pass vouch copy. i got 240 hits from ~5k ( 4 insecure / sfa, 1 vip+ hypixel ranked and all other none full access Proxies: webshare Checker: BleepingPress´s private Retry: 3
  5. LMAO I swear, this method is leaked on every forum this days.
  6. @jocker ^ The message is too short. Please enter a message longer than 10 characters.
  7. All invites rewards servers is fake. so just stop advertise this shit.