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  1. I can speak on behalf of pastr.io that we are currently working on a pastr.io cashlink backlist. This would prevent people from submitting cashlink URLs in pastr and then using those pastr links here in the forum. This will reduce the amount of cashlinks on the forum but it'll be hard to find and catch every single cashlink website. But yes, this is an issue that we want to address.
  2. We had stock issues yesterday, now everything is back to the normal "state". If you are still having issues, feel free to create a support ticket on our discord server to get this fixed
  3. Vortex has been updated, the issue fixed. However temporarly there is no ban url as this has been kinda "fixed" by Riot. It might be updated eventually, but no guarantee. Make sure to redownload the .exe in the entry post and all credits for this are going to @Kekd
  4. I have a solution for this in mind and will release it soon
  5. As I keep getting messaged - there was no data breach whatsoever. The MySQL Error was caused by broken tables caused by our new server for some reason. We are using advanced hashing anyway, so your data is pretty safe regardless of a breach. However this definitely was not the case. We are still investigating to identify the issue to prevent it from happening again. The last couple of days we had some ongoing performance issues, which were caused by the new server and settings we are using. There haven't been an increase of DDoS attacks or anything similar. I apologize for the inconveniences and my inactivity. I'll be back very soon
  6. If more people would want this, then I would integrate this. So let me know what you think
  7. This has been implemented, thanks for the suggestion
  8. Our Discord Server got banned, make sure to join again. https://starkvps.io/discord
  9. Check this: https://cracked.to/usercp.php?action=forumsubscriptions And this: https://cracked.to/usercp.php?action=options https://i.imgur.com/RkhLL5X.png
  10. Currently doing a giveaway on our discord, make sure to participate. Maybe you get lucky? Discord: https://starkvps.io/discord
  11. Little Update: I imported a backup for all reputations before the change. Instead of deleting all given reputations by supreme, infinity and custom groups, I devided them by 2. Example: If you have received a reputation in the past by a supreme member with +7, they are now changed to +3. The same goes for reputations given by Infinity and custom groups, also for negative reputations. This ensures you keep what you have grinded for but they have less value as we still had to fix the reputation economy. Your friends are welcome to update your reputation with the new defined limits at any time. All new limits stay as they have been announced. You can find them here.
  12. Quick update: I was using a query to delete all given reputations by Supreme Members and Custom Usergroups. Feel free to add your reputation to your favorite members back with the new limits!