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  1. Stop trashing the thread and fuck off. I like the fact you took it as an insult whilst I meant the gay is an attention whore. Guess both are true. I misunderstood, my apologies.
  2. I originally posted this on reddit and if you agree go and up vote it here: Pictures of our chat (also attached to this post): (This isn't the entire chat, only the main part) Before we get into this let's get something straight here... I have nothing against Gay people at all. So here is some context on what was happening... I came into the discord server asking for a role as a joke. This is when the user Gay#6210 came into the chat talking a whole lot of trash to me, the reason that this user is trying to flame me is because I've made him cry over the internet before on a different server which apparently upset him very much. Remember! This user claims to be gay. So on this discord server the users "role" is titled "Fur Fag" which at first I thought was given to him by an admin on the server. I only later found out that he had chosen the name of his role himself. A role which he claims to "embrace". In my personal experience I have never met a Gay male who enjoys being called a "Fur Fag" and names himself "Gay". This could indicate that the user himself is either not gay or that he is a homophobic himself. If you saw the pictures I linked you will see that I wasn't the one who start this argument, as a matter-of-fact I initially came into the chat room with a positive and healthy attitude. After around 15 minutes of arguing with this user, his friends eventually came in and all attempted to make me look like a homophobic man who is assaulting a gay male over the internet, which I can tell you right now... I was not. This eventually resulted in me getting banned from the server by the owner (Babygirl#0811) who I also started a conversation with (See bottom set of links in the above link). The owner then confirmed that the reason that I was banned was because, and I quote... I was being "very homophobic", which as you can see, was not the case. I was banned from that server due to the fact that the society that we live in today will always defend the gay male over the straight male even if that gay male is in wrong.
  3. The program is not very good. Thus I decided to not sell it anymore.
  4. Like if you don't get any presents every Christmas.
  5. Then your in luck, some sites are! Not sure how it's possible to ship items here.
  6. Honestly, if this was possible to do in Iraq then I would do this on daily bases...
  7. Received vouch copy; Will leave my vouch soon. -------------------------- First of all, thank you @CadyYaBoiP for choosing to give me a vouch copy. I was given a google docs link which contained the full guide. The eBook is all around very informative and contained lots of valube, important, basic, and advanced concepts of Social Engineering and is very newbie friendly. The main sections from top to bottom of the eBook are as listed below... - "How to Setup a Reship" - "Proper SE Etiquette" - "Which Company Do I Choose?" - "Resources" - "I don't have money... How do I start" The eBook goes on to explain concepts such as "What is a reship" and "Which reship do I choose". The ideal goal of this book to get you ready to start doing Social Engineering acts yourself in the real world and preps you with a variety of information that would take weeks of learning and practice to achieve. The eBooks "grammar" is decent, I found myself understanding almost everything in the eBook without any having to hassle around trying to guess what each word is supposed to mean; Although the total "professionalism" of the eBook can be enhanced it is still clear and to the point. Now let's get into the Cons of this eBook... I found that the eBook was not very long and actually fairly short. Yes; It does cover a lot of the Concepts that you need to grasp in order to efficiently, effectively, and successfully accomplish your goal of Social Engineering (SE'ing) a product, it still could be longer and contain more information. Secondly and finally, I don't think that the asked for price of this eBook in my opinion is anywhere near the fair amount. I won't critic to much over this detail but I just want to point it out. My final results conclude... Provided Information: 7.5/10 Grammar: 8/10 Price: 2/10 Quality of *provided* information: 10/10 Sellers/Support Rating: 9/10 Overall Rating: 7/10 If the price of the product is reduced drastically this would be a 9/10; Of course depending on what the decided upon price is. Thanks again for the vouch copy!
  8. Checker Selling each copy for 15$. If you want to buy message me on Discord: Dexter#7777 Or you can buy full rights for 75$. I'll only sell to trusted users so that no one leaks the program. If you have questions or want to be a re-seller message me on Discord: Dexter#7777
  9. Dexter

    5$ BTC Giveaway.

    :fiesta: Thanks buddy , it will help me alot also with my next Release of Godlike Aio project No problem, I'm sending now.
  10. Dexter

    5$ BTC Giveaway.

    Winner is @MODesigns . Congrats.
  11. Dexter

    5$ BTC Giveaway.

    I'll give it another 30 minutes.