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  1. mate i want some ASDA or TESCO Accounts. gotta stay cheap homie
  2. hahhahaha nandos. is this a joke? 5head
  3. Imma be honest I didnt know what morrisons was until right now :/
  4. Assuming you mean it made you post the same thread twice, there's nothing to be done here IIRC. Simply connection issues
  5. Not hiding cause everyone on here is a leech anyways. Pretty simple; Go here --> Download this --> If Verification is a problem for you, check for this --> If you plan on using this site, donate to the dev so it stays up :) Also, don't be retarded when ewhoring. Don't need a bunch of retards fucking it up for the rest of us.
  6. Gambling fucks with you. Any type. Look up where u can get help in your area.
  7. You lost me when you said nulled
  8. Just wondering. Don't know where else I could post this in so it's going in lounge. Generally wondering if half of the people are retarded on here or just barely know English .
  9. Hey I appreciate this! uWu *nuzzles*
  10. literally an ad - rep fuck off to marketplace
  11. CadyYaBoiP

    Rust skins

    They're mainly from in-game achievements and on the steam marketplace. If ur gonna do the gambling route just don't use Rustypot. if u really want them, become a youtuber and beg for them xD