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  1. Hello, I am selling PayPal transfers / Checks / Checks by Email These are obtained through illegal ways (using certain accounts) (not carding either) (can reveal it for mods) I am selling them for 10% of their value. You pay 10%, get your payment option same business day! However just know that these are illegal/might be considered fraud So do this at your own risk I am not responsible for what happens to you or your account, use it on a new PayPal account. Price example: $600 PayPal transfer = $60 btc can go upwards of $12,000 checks Minimum = $500 transfer = $50 (Our charge) Recommend you use the funds right away to avoid any issues Common questions: Q) When Will I receive this A) Same business day Q) Should I use my personal PayPal A) You can, but preferably a stealth PayPal Q) Can we work long time, any discounts? A) Yes, just dm and we'll figure it out Q) Where can I start an order? A) Simply click the discord link below and start a ticket! Q) Can I use these funds on eBay/CSGO Skins/Gucci A) Yes, you can use these on anything, but be quick! Discord: REDACTEDREDACTED Server: 1 Vouch copy available = $600 transfer Must have a stealth PayPal Account! partner with @dioxide
  2. there is an investment, or you crack your own so theres no investment investment is a shortcut
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    against the rules
  4. Welcome I am inviting you all to join my lounge server where $0 to $10,000 challenge is being held First to get to $10,000 gets a prize! With prizes in between like smaller milestones Example: First to $100 gets nitro 1 month for free. etc, more to come But you have to join in literally on the challenge Whether it be your broke or just make a new wallet and start the challenge with us The goal here is to reach $10,000 from nothing. I have already begun it last month and im currently at $1,000 but now im sharing it with to expand In the server we'll help each other, maybe form new partnerships, or just challenge to see who gets there first and $10,000 is a big deal. At this moment btc = $10,000 so its also a road to 1.0 BTC. If you have something to offer, and would like to join in on the chatroom feel free to do so right here: You will find methods, and friendly people to help you with the challenge, including me
  5. Gucci

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    closed thread
  6. WTB League hits All must be level 30 at least Multi Regions (EUW, NA, EUNE) Discord on signature
  7. WTB All Electronics/Clothes/Products Paying with Bitcoin I don’t care if it’s SE’ed or however you obtain it I’m paying really good rates Add me Discord on signature
  8. title add me on discord paying with bitcoin euw only
  9. want someone to carry me out of iron 3 to bronze iv I will pay after the job is done pm me on discord EUW by the way
  10. title need it for league of legends drop your autoshop or add me on signature