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  1. @Laiteux Hey dude, i am really confused, i've messaged you some days ago and you are not answering, whats up?
  2. Danger is back with next netflix wave Last time i shared +10k netflix accounts Im back with another big wave [align=center]20 likes for part #4 [hide] https://pastr.io/view/PrE5JQ [/hide] [/align]
  3. Danger


    Thanks for mentioning me and i am happy that i've made you feel good while i was here in cracked.to, you aswell were a good guy, aswell a good contributor. Also, you were the only albanian from Albania that i've liked and wasn't a child acting kid like some others! I'd really like if you could possibly come in SB sometimes and chat with us! Even if you can't, i completly understand you, and have a good life outside of internet and virtuality, as it is more important than everything! Enjoy your life! @"BIG SIDI" :)
  4. Danger is back with next netflix wave Last time i shared +10k netflix accounts Im back with another big wave [align=center]20 likes for part #3 [hide] https://pastr.io/view/jqygGG [/hide][/align]
  5. CHEAPEST AMAZON ACCOUNTS [align=left]Comes with full details. You dont need to run any method to access to accounts You will have direct access with answer of security questions and full details. Prices: $7.50 to $10.00[/align] [align=left] [/align] DISCORD SERVER Vouches:
  6. @Jocker Refunded, you can close this now.
  7. Scammers Profile Link: https://cracked.to/member.php?action=profile&uid=1238 Sales Thread: https://cracked.to/Thread-PARADESHOP-Account-shop-%E2%9C%AD-200-Products-%E2%9C%AD-Streaming-music-gaming-food-More Amount or Item(s) Scammed: 5$ + Fee's Screenshots of Communication: *** Additional Information: So basically, i've bought Unmigrated Minecraft Account, Unmigrated minecraft account means that you can migrate it to your own email, and be owner of the account. To migrate the minecraft account, you need 3 informations, the username, email and password, as the site states here: https://gyazo.com/a762405d0bd66e974c5eca6e8e9af9d1 After i paid with Bitcoins, i've received an email containing only the Email:Password (without the Username) which is impossible to be used as Unmigrated minecraft account, but okay, i thought this was a glitch from their store, so i went to live chat and asked them to provide me the username of the account, so i can use the account. Instead, he was saying that he doesn't know what Unmigrated account is: So at the end, i explained the guy who sells the accounts what a Unmigrated minecraft account is :fuck: Even tho they didn't provide the full info's to migrate, the account was also Demo (trial without subscribtion) which you can create an account just by registering in mojang for free. Idk why the fuck he sells unmigrated accounts when he doesn't know what that is and doesn't provide informations. Then, after he wasted me enough time, he told me that he is going to refund me in their site, but why the fuck i need refund to their site, they dont have unmigrated accounts and thats all what i want to purchase, i have no use of their site, i need refund with what i've paid for. And i've told him to not refund me in the website balance 2 times But they didn't even care what i said and they refunded me in their website balance, but not in the payment method i paid and i requested to. After that, he was telling me to message another support guy (someone else) and ask him for refund, which its completly dumb, because he was support himself, so he needs to talk with the guy who he calls "Supervisor" because he is support himself, how am i supposed to contact someone else to refund me, when im contacting support himself :fuck: So i've told them im going to make a scam report, but they didn't even care so yea, they even got their own TOS which breaks forum rules. Again, i dont need refund to their website balance, i need refund to the payment method i've paid and i've requested, please give me refund to my bitcoin wallet. @babo @Jocker
  8. Once i make the config, i will contact you there. Thanks! Taking more requests, please unusual sites. :fine:
  9. @Laiteux Im up to buy, sent you friend request in discord, im Danger_