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  1. Send u one credit so i am the biggest donator right? :D
  2. You get Denied when u dont follow the format just saying
  3. Hello guys, girls, and diverse Please take the time and answear the question ;D I personaly dont belive in god or any other force, but whats about you? Above the post there is a poll(if i manage to do it) , but please leave a comment aswell ;D Do you belive in god? In "which" god you belive? (religion) Why do(n't) you? Whats your age range (10-20,20-30...) What do you think about people who belive (not) in god? Do you belive in other forces ( not something like physikal ones) Thankx for answearing i hope you all have a great day ;D :fiesta: :fiesta: :fiesta:
  4. goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend :(
  5. Some Posts
  6. Hit the 600 :fiesta: :fiesta: :fiesta:
  7. Pic's Show's Vid's [hide]!Lg0jCQZQ!u0lPeQMzPr9867bC5Ql2XQ!mstjWYRa!f3iSbuCBdfeXzpsWllrpwQ!eo1zACDR!93H7crfrH3yas1ddz9UtYw!649z3aBQ!bt1FqiR-RW4Bo6xLBxXqag [/hide]