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  1. holy shit how is this even possible?
  2. User provided me a key as vouch copy and it worked great!
  3. Just buy from him. Nice price, nice guy and amazing config maker
  4. ZaneX

    Scam Report Redditas

    yeah this shit site is a fraud and i also saw this guy adveritising thison SB. Just ban him. Sorry for your loss Zaxaly I also ddosed his shit site a bit times
  5. Well i will agree with you guys but it is well known that a lot people was doing rep4rep or just spamming +reps to get a +rep back
  6. ZaneX

    bye guys it was fun

    sorry for sharing your private nudes i didn't mean to:( (i really hope its a joke u motherfucker)
  7. You wont regret joining this forum:)
  8. I could take a VC if u want. Have some rep around here. Can leave a good review as well.
  9. i use windows deffender allong with malwarebytes premium. I think its all you need.
  10. Hello and welcome. You won't regret coming here:)
  11. Vouch for this dude. He is legit and ultra HQ. The accounts he uses are not cracked so 0% of loss. They all have pictures and banners so they look ultra legit. The seller is also really experienced and skilled. just buy from this guy
  12. i am interested for apex
  13. Life is short so live it to the edge. Thats what i say to myself