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  1. Vouch: One of the best phishing panels I have ever seen. It's easy and intuitive to use. Very recommended for everyone who is looking for something like that.
  2. context

    RDP Giveaway #3

    Just give it to me
  3. Had the opportunity to test his chat list service. I asked for an german "Just Talking" chat list and he created the list with 2050 lines in 25 minutes Big vouch for his service!
  4. Since I'm not really active on here anymore I would like to add a second member to my UG to keep the group alive. Send me a text via PM or Discord ( why you think you would fit in my group. Keep in mind that I can remove you from the group at anytime I want to.
  5. Update: The whole database got cleared up and every upload with no downloads has been removed.
  6. Quick update: every post that has no downloads will be deleted after 14 days.
  7. Service closed because of an security issue.
  8. Vouch review: I was able to test the 5.000 follower package. After 20 minutes they are already 1.5k followers on my account and they all look pretty real. They all got a profile picture and a real looking name. Big Vouch for his service! Twitch Account: