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    Good guide picked up a lot of new things for itself. Thank you for sending it quickly and thank you for clarifying some points in detail.
  1. #21 and #25 have won. I will upgrade @shade45 with premium and @lucifer_king with infinity when I'm back from holidays in 1.5 weeks... @ksz can close this.
  2. Because today is the day Michael has passed away 10 years ago I will do a giveaway to remember him. All you need to do is comment. And not be a leecher. Let me know which songs you like most ;) I personally really like Jam but ofcourse any other song is amazing as well. Giveaway will end at 13th of july (when the This Is It concert should've started)
  3. You'll probably get sentenced to death
  4. To qualify for the exclusive release award you must show a screenshot of the app in this thread where is shown in the app.
  5. It just shows that, you actually have to pay the full price.
  6. Damn nice upload, what was the vuln? ;) Server was rooted, drive completely wiped, they had most recent backup was January ;) Now that database is leaked, they have a backup LOL Owner said it was some custom plugin that was vulnerable, what was it vulnerable to?
  7. Damn nice upload, what was the vuln? ;)
  8. I'm with @KSZ on alot of these members I didn't like ЛеДуцк however just sololy on the fact he doesn't know how to use dots and capital letters. Gives me a very unproffesional feeling about him. Vassillios and TheCanadian both looked good imo together with ChrisFTP and Cthulhu. However I'm wondering how much time Chris and Cthulhu are actually able to spent on moderation. I mean they have their Eclipse, coder rank, also do disinfector jobs. They both say they have very much time but I don't really have the feeling they're arround that much. (Might just be me)