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  1. Thank you for this amazing share, much appreciated Edit: I took a look at it, and it's actually pretty damn good for beginners
  2. This looks really cool, thank you for sharing that with the community and contributing
  3. Hi everyone, From this site, you can pretty much get $25 daily without spending a single penny, I already got paid as you can see in the picture below: [hide]Click here[/hide] Proof: DON'T LEECH OR YOU GET REPORTED
  4. Hello there everyone, we decided to open a cracking group and it's called cryptonic, whether you're a beginner or a professional one, You're welcome to our team, We consist of 6 members in total right now, We are ranging from crackers to hackers Cryptonic is in need of new members who are experienced in cracking, We're already well experienced so we need this kind of members, We can share exploits and things together, Learn together and teach ourselves, have fun and so on, So if you would like to join, add me on discord: OMGit'sMohaYT#3636
  5. There's a guy I'll rat, thank u for sharing
  6. Vouch for this guy, bought 500k combos without any problems, and received them right after paying him, would do business again