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Hello! I been pretty new on these forms and love it! Not a toxic Community, Friendly People, and the direction this Forum is going is better than most. The admins+ staff keep out the leechers. Started Posting from the get go and believe i have met all the requirements.




  • I have over 1 week Online time on these forms
  • Posted more that 30 threads
  • Ratio fits the 1:7
  • 0% warning and hopfully wil stay that way
  • Not a leecher and never will be!

My contributions:

Im not an amazing coder but i do have ways of getting cracked accounts. Always sharing it to the public such as:





I have met all the requirments and have a few Posts with 1k views. Have hit 100 Likes, and will keep on Posting more HQ accounts!

My shoppy accounts has good feedback because i am true to my word and i always try to get along with everybody. 

Thanks and hopefully i get some good news!

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Granted, congratulations!

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