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    Week after the payment, the device was in my hands. All declared functions work 100%. The main thing is not to disappear anywhere, you do the necessary devices.
  2. Should I mark this as solved? What's the status of this? @"bennyg-"
  3. Any update on this? @feelsbadandrew
  4. User banned, sorry for your loss.
  5. User banned, sorry for your loss.
  6. Sorry guys, Jocker was on this case. I'll be taking over this now. @Kitten why did you sell your account? Why didn't you just transfer the server ownership to them?
  7. As others have mentioned, you don't reach the required online time yet. Denied, come back in a few days. You can check your online time on your forum profile!
  8. Ban appeal accepted. Please try to keep a consistent thread to post ratio, otherwise we might seem forced to ban you again. Cheers!
  9. Ban appeal Denied. You didn't even bother to read the rules or the help documents.
  10. It's a work in progress and the requirements are being fleshed out, please have some patience. Cheers!
  11. Unbanned and second chance given. Don't waste it!