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Found 364 results

  1. Olgas-Kitchen Gift card Config (FAST) Proxy : proxyless Capture : Download: [hide][/hide]
  2. [hide][/hide] But u should have a good combolist , its rare Like if u need more
  3. [align=center] [hide] This config requires an additional change in the eviroment.ini since openbullet doesnt accept codes by itself, [/align] [align=center]Head to the openbullet folder an open the settings folder, open the file name Environment.ini. [align=center] add this to the file: make sure there's space between each of the WLTYPE's[/align] [align=center][WLTYPE] Name=Codes Regex=^.*$ Verify=False Separator=: Slices=CODE[/align] [align=center]Make sure to add your wordlist codes as "Codes" [/align] [align=center]For discord codes use this site with the settings:[/align] [align=center]Enjoy! [/align] [/align] [align=center]Click here for the Config [/hide][/align]
  4. [align=center]Email/User: User (in ID:KEY format) Proxies: Yes (HQ recommended but public works too) Capture: [align=left][align=center] Recommended Bots: 100-150 Recommended OB ver: V 1.0.2+ Last checked: 24/05/2019 *Business keys that say expired can still be used, and keys that exceeded the maximum devices goes to Custom* This is just a Malwarebytes key checker, you will need to use a key gen to generate the keys CPM with Proxyscrape: [hide][/hide] [/align] [/align] [/align]
  5. bowser


    Hello guys im back with anther good config this one for joanns,com sewing site it uses proxy's and avg proxy's. [hide]!0EhDBYrA!K_TGlfzh3P7VnnTUTragIuKXjlaDEn-QCLIScwsOGqs[/hide]
  6. Since the dawn of time, people have been using configs where Netflix is hitting only one request URL but this config does not do that, it will go to login page depending on proxy location and make sure you get good CPM. Name: NetflixAware Proxy Type: HTTPS,SOCKS4,SOCKS5(Backconnect maybe doesnt work) I got 30 CPM with proxyscrape so meh. Bots: UNLIMITED POWAH. Capture: None, This is a bruter. Only captures Premium. (HD OR UHD) LEAVE A LIKE OR UR MAMA IS A LEECHER DOWNLOAD : [hide]Link[/hide] :ezy: :ezy: :ezy: :ezy: :ezy: FOR PLEBS WHO SAY IT DONT WORK THIS SHIT IS ON PROXYSCRAPE PROXIES CHECK UR PROXIES
  7. Captures: Account balance. Filters : Incorrect creds (fail) / Account issue (I consider it as ban) / Success (sakey) Need proxies ?: Yes. How much bots ?: Around 50-100 should do the trick. 150 if your proxies are real MVP. Credentials allowed : User/Pass. Enjoy ! Like if I helped you :) [hide][/hide]
  8. This config was originally made by someone called wizardo but it didn't have a capture or anything so I added captures If the account is free it will mark it as a fail. If its a premium account it will mark it as a success. If its a Spotify family owner it will be marked as a custom. [hide][/hide] [align=center] Please remember to show support by pressing the green like button :) ALL LEECHERS WILL BE REPORTED AND BANNED! [/align] [align=center]If you want cheap accounts for NordVPN, Spotify and etc then make sure to checkout my shop, link in signature :P[/align]
  9. Combos: Email/Psw Need Proxy Capture account status Bots 70 recommended Please, do not be a leecher! Support me if you want <3 [hide] Config[/hide]
  10. [align=center]Based on amazing config made by Samurai, also added email capture. Don't forget to like this, and also like Samurai's config :) [/align] Capture: Download: [hide][/hide]
  11. SUBWAY UK CONFIG [OPEN BULLET] -Fixed SUBWAY UK and giving it too you guys. :hype: -also do custom configs and have more i'm gonna release!! -message me for request or ideas on what to do next. -need a act with points or cc to add cap dm me on discord if you find one so i can update. -needs proxies. -50 to 100 threads. Download- [hide][/hide] my discord- Swisha_House#1946 my shoppy- -Gift Cards :fiesta: (new sonic drive thru cards are here!!) :fiesta: -HQ Combos -HQ dorks -Premium Accounts
  12. [align=center] Author: Thug PROXIES. YES CAPTURE: YES - PLAN - ACTIVATION BOTS:50 EMAIL:PASS [hide][/hide][/align]
  13. [align=center] Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Loyalty Pizza, Discount Recommended Bots: any Last checked: day posted [hide][/hide][/align]
  14. [hide] Do you want to get more Open Bullets Configs or even more private tools for Cracking ALL FOR FREE? Join my Discord and I will be happy to help you out for FREE: Create a ticket on #tickets, if you need anything. I will help you to get 1.000$ every month for FREE Here is the thread if you want to see how you can get 1.000$ for FREE:[/hide]
  15. email/user;pass bots:50-100 proxies :yes capture:yes, if you capture the user name, product id, the maximum devices, the subscription, the plan and the type of payment last check: 02/05/19,, it also works for other versions I suppose :kek: CONFIG: h[hide]ttps://[/hide] Enjoy,, :kek: leecher report you :pogchamp: :pepegun:
  17. Proxies: Yes Email/User: User Capture: Bits Needs Recaptcha [hide][/hide]
  18. Name: Hotspot Shield Proxies: Yes Capture: Yes Type: Email:Pass Bots: 50/100 Tested: 19/05/2019 Download: [hide] Pass: Link:[/hide]
  19. [OpenBullet]Hotspot Shield VPN Config|All capture|proxy:yes|100% of the work email:pass proxies : yes bot : 200 [hide][/hide]
  20. [hide][/hide] Don't forget to like like like
  21. [hide] click for download [/hide]
  22. What changes I've made from the original config ? - Fixed the capture, now username and games are properly seen (was due to an AppID problem) - Added 2FA verification (now properly works, will flag 2FA-enabled accounts as CUSTOM.) - Games should all show up, INCLUDING Assassin's Creed Odyssey and TD2. Consoles are mentioned on the "Platforms" list. - Experimental config : no more genomeID required to make this config work from now. (Proxies needed to avoid being blocked / blacklisted after a moment) Leave a like if I helped you :) [hide][/hide] Proof : (username and profileID hidden for obvious purposes. Thanks to @WygenMiLinka for additional requests.)
  23. Config name: Netflix fast Site url: Config platform: Open Bullet Combos type: Mail/Pass Proxy: HQ Recommended bots: 50-100 [hide][/hide]
  24. "ty" or "asddxx" reply will get reported. This is my free work, I don't earn any money with this... show some appreciation [hide] [/hide]
  25. [hide][/hide]