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  2. As i had reviews that previous config was leading accs to ban i updated it USE PROXY TO SIGN IN. No capture Name: Pokemon GO Bots: 200-500 Proxy: Any. Download: [hide]Link[/hide]
  3. 1x Netflix Account (HD/UHD) Cracked with private rotating proxies. Price: 2$ Warranty: Lifetime till stocks last :) Stock (15-07-2019): 90 Buy Here: NetflixShoppyLink Leave a feedback on shoppy to support me. Vouch:1/1 (Given to @Mangekyou) If you buy acc, and its dead, just screenshot and send message on my discord. My Discord: SATAN666#9341 [align=center] [/align] **LIFETIME MEANS TILL LIFETIME OF SHOPLIFE OR STOCK END WHICHEVER FIRST.
  4. At least 1 week online time - Yes At least 30 posted threads - 39 A thread to post ratio of below 1:7 - Leechometer Positive (1) A warning level of 0% - Yes Not a leecher. - Dont have time to leech xD My HQ content Plz consider me <3
  5. let me know how it goes, the guy i made it for doesnt believe that configs work and needs test :)
  6. Name: Bots: 200 Proxy: Any Capture: You can see @sqreway here test it. [hide]Link[/hide]
  7. satan666

    3.9k Olgas GC

  8. bored,depressed,help me, my fan so old if i hang i sleep in fucking HOT SUN. @Placing check this config out, it has all the answers to your questions. Name: Fortnite BRUTEFORCE Bots: 200 Capture: Nothing, is bruteforce pleb. Proxy: HQ if possible gives low cpm on proxyscrape Download: [hide]Link[/hide]
  9. LOL RIGHT. i have proof showing he was aware its a selinium based config, he ran in rdp, i supported aftersales (8+ hours) and he says i dont want it. Well suck my *i dont want it*