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  1. "This shop has been terminated for violating Selly's Terms of Service"
  2. Is not selly problem, is retarded people who acts like they´re buying and then just close the window when they select a payment method
  3. Vouch for isma, i have made deals with him before
  4. VOUCH Bought a 100k combo and tested first 14k lines in EUW and got many hits After i tested the rest and got this In total i got 137 Level 30+ and 1235 Valid Thats mean i got 1372 hits! And i just use it in EUW, maybe i can get more hits in other regions! :fiesta:
  5. Por supuesto, para que los leechers hispanos puedan leechear mejor ya que suelen tener un ingles muy pobre!!!1!1!!!1!!