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  1. Tis

    Making Custom Checkers

    Stfu kid and your a known retarded I asked the owner if I could use his site hes a friend of mine and he said ok so now stfu
  2. Tis

    Scam report against Tis

    As i said this dude is retarded and its been one week i said will be finsihed in 1 day I also provided proof of if it working a bit but not finished
  3. Read title my discord is Tis#0001
  4. Doesnt really teach you how to se only: 1: the risks involved 2: how to stay safe 3: Where to start 4: making money But over all a very good ebook recommended
  5. Hello I made a shop all accounts work the accounts game count ranges from 0 games to 50 games each account costs 0.10$ All the accounts work! Buy!
  6. Hello guys im making custom checker for any site(except psn) and if it has captcha I will see what I can do I will deliver your product within a week dm me on discord to discuss: Tis#0001
  7. UPDATED: 08/11/2018 Screenshots Download [hide] Download Auth [/hide] Dont leech :pepi:
  8. Received a vouch copy pretty clean ebook very self explanatory but I think it would be nice some serial number gens! Good Luck Selling! And You Should get a discord :hype: 9/10