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  1. Right now I am able to exchange approx 750€ so 840$ I can arrange some Skrill. I'll see what I can do within next 24h Okay, hit me up with a DM when you're ready
  2. Right now I am able to exchange approx 750€ so 840$
  3. (I made this shit in 1h pls no judge)
  4. Hi, I have a lot of BTC to exchange to Skrill or Paysafecard. Conditions : - You must be trusted on or - I take 10% Fees. - I have nothing against using a middleman, but the fees are for you. - If you use Paysafecard, i'll need it to come from France. :hype:
  5. No, I understand everything about the emulator but I just need someone to check the implementation of the half carry flag
  6. So I'm implementing a gameboy CPU in C# to make an emulator. And I need someone good in ASM to check an implementation I make which I have a doubt on. The OPCODE 0x9F translates to instruction SBC (source here so substract with carry. I just need someone to check my implementation, like @mesvak cause apparently he knows ASM. Right now I have this made : /// /// Substract n + carry flag from A. /// /// n private static void sbc(byte r1) { // TODO Double check this implementation uint substractResult = (uint)Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.A - r1 - Convert.ToUInt32(Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.F.C); // Set zero flag if result is 0. Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.F.Z = ((byte)substractResult) == 0; // Set half-carry flag if no borrow from bit 4. IM UNSURE ABOUT THIS. This should mean if result is 0b0001_0000, we have a carry, but is it really how to implement it? Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.F.H = ((Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.A ^ r1 ^ substractResult) & 0x10) != 0; // Set the carry flag if no borrow at all 0b0001_0000_0000 (so more than 8 bits) Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.F.C = ((substractResult & 0x100) != 0); // The substract flag is set as we performed a sub op. Gameboy.Cpu.Registers.F.N = true; }
  7. I have the solution. You are making a call to xNet trying to post form data to an url. So what you did is xNet.HttpRequest.Post("", postData); Unfortunately, xNet thinks that you are trying to send the file located at the path [postData] (Look at the stack trace, the arguments are : Leaf.xNet.HttpRequest.Post(String address, String path)). Therefore, to fix this you need to change the HttpRequest.Post("", postData) to HttpRequest.Post("", postData, "application/x-url-form-encoded"); Post Data is "str" in your code, it looks like JSON so you may need to change "application/x-url-form-encoded" to "application/json" (string str = string.Concat(new string[] { "{\"email\":\"", naam, "\",\"password\":\"", wachtwoord, "\"}" }); )
  8. payment proof hehe
  9. @Xoda @TimeChangeEverything Congrats boys, buying you supreme right now.