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  1. Link dead. Any fix available? Thanks I think config is dead as well now.
  2. Congratz on Active vouch hunter rank :hype: :kappa:
  3. Vouch! OP Provided me with an win 10 pro key, here's my review. Speed Seller is superquick and mostly online here, if you buy from him your assured fast response and delivery. Product The product (as promised) worked perfectly, had no problems activating it. Seller was also able to prove that these keys are not carded and they are obtainted legitimately. Price Personally I think his prices are dirt cheap, you can easily make tons of $ with his keys. Do I recommend buying it? Absolutely. Seller Is polite and always active + his prices are cheap, what else would one want?
  4. They are se'd not bought from codes :smart: :smart: Oh nevermind, GLWS.
  5. The codes are sold for like 2$ each max
  6. And also because the combo you gave me had 7 hits only, which is worse then a public combo
  7. Added you, I know you aren't a scammer.
  8. Not needed really, he probably isn't a scammer but it's just he's ignoring me on discord.
  9. Profile Link:https://cracked.to/member.php?action=profile&uid=87983 Sales Thread:https://cracked.to/Thread-SUPREME-AUTOBUY-Snowy-s-HQ-Combo-Shop-FORTNITE-TWITCH-STREAMING-SHOPPING-BTC-ONLY Amount Scammer: $8 Screenshots: dm' ed to @Jocker Addition info: So I bought twitch combos from him 100k, and I only got 7 hits which is unbelievable When I contacted him on discord he isn't responding yet he's online here
  10. You wanna dox someone for 10$?? :kek: Come on, let him eat a big mac.
  11. Can't believe he did this, he should receive temp suspension.