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  1. I've been using Exodus because I like it's ui. but security wise I don't think it's that good. Blockchain is good. hardware wallets are the best ?
  2. Vouch, he personally taught me this method and I’ve made good money using it!
  3. There are chances the combo might be bad. We'd replace them if reported.
  4. Omega's Combo Service Omega's Combo Service offers a cheap & easy way to buy Combos! Our service is automated, simply buy tokens from our store then redeem them via our discord server to receive your combos! Not to mention all of our combos are fresh, and dumped/updated daily from SIB! About 1 Token = 1 Download Current Stock: Gaming, Shopping, Streaming, & Mail Access! 1 Token - $5 5 Tokens - $15 10 Tokens - $30 Click Here to buy! 1 Vouch Copy Available
  5. ENJOY! make sure to like!! [hide]https://pastr.io/view/5dMrbl[/hide]
  6. Why selling leaked Bot? :( Link: Click Me I coded it by myself :( EDIT: Also the one you linked is dumb af. It uses requests which aren't async with Discord which is async so it will stall the whole program. I agree with OP the one by Wadu doesnt work anymore. Has to be updated. Installing Async was a pain in the ass. Still couldnt get it work :kek:
  7. message me at kxee#0001
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    You'll be missed man <3
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  10. Did you see the date of the thread? xD This is embarrassing.
  11. I dont find a discord link on my android.
  12. @Nord Everyone wasnt captured xd i was busy on https://cracked.to/member.php?action=profile&uid=4122
  13. Those are the rural parts full of uneducated people. The urban parts are better.
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    Our Design Team Consists Of @VRX @Nado @kxee
  15. [hide]https://pastr.io/view/WSOwZY[/hide]
  16. @jocker said this was done because of some permissions conflict. So the infinity group is removed when you buy supreme.
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    Hey, Welcome to cracked.to I hope you enjoy your stay here. Yours kxee
  18. BRING THE Shoutbox back.