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  1. It is indeed worth much. Accounts with 100k~ karma go for 50$~ As I said, not worth much. You never answered my questions.
  2. Not worth much, moderator/owner of any subreddits? Email verified?
  3. Few things to add. That transaction hash doesn't exist. You'll have to contact selly to solve this. If it isn't marked as confirmed, then seller won't receive funds. So stop trying to be a cunt and contact selly to solve this.
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  5. This roars "If even the smallest LEA will contact us, we WILL disclose everything including your dick size".
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    World is changing...

    Hmm.. That wouldn't really solve everything but... For real now, this is really fucked up... There's nothing to solve if the thing which is creating the problem no longer exists.
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    World is changing...

    Complete eradication of entire human species.
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    You're a fucking retard.
  9. Unban if you can show proof of some sort of document, that you indeed have cancer. Surely if you have 3 weeks remaining to live, you wouldn't be looking for Tor hosting, Xbox Accounts, & so many Netflix + Hulu accounts.
  10. An appeal to all bulk sellers of accounts. Reach out to me :)