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  1. Noticed this glitch in system and didnt see that anyone was talking about sooo decided to share it Have used myself for like 8 times and my friends too always has worked (Not sure if it will work on brand new google accounts) DONT LEACH [hide] 1. Go to any game/app buy stuff you wanna under 10€ 2. Within 48h go to https://play.google.com/store/account/orderhistory (works even if you go right away (use browser for it if you are on phone it will try to redirect you to play store where you cant do it easiest from pc) 3. Click on 3 dots beside the purchase you wanna refund click refund and write you purchased it on accident 4. On all purchases under 10 google bot automatically refunds soo if you do it within 1min you will receive email from google saying that it is refunded Suggestion try to buy bundles for example In Clash of clans if you buy gems and refund it will go negative (for example -3233) If you buy some bundles from shop they dont remove it.. Same for coc battle pass they wont remove it Please dont abuse it hardcore and dont leak it everywhere so it dont get fixed UPVOTE IF WORKED WOULD BE APPRECIATED :fiesta: [/hide]
  2. Giving away 3 vouch copies for free (to high members // PM on Cracked for Vouch Vouch spots full PM rretroo#5747