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  1. hmmm :monkas: kinda the old doing nothing shit method :kek: but I'll see :pepe:
  2. [hide] We will use Google Chrome or any browser with VPN, download it if you don’t have it. Download the extension SetupVPN or use any other VPN without logs. Open a incognito tab in Google Chrome and connect to a german server on your VPN Go to this link (no ad) and signup for a web.de account. Get your information from here and use them to signup at web.de (Important, after signing up,keep the fake-it.to tab open (If the name on fake-it is “John Appleseed” the email MUST be something like [email protected] or [email protected]) Go to this link and press on what you want. (RDP/Domain/Webhosting) Then press on Weiter zur Produktauswhal and select any extra options you want, then press Weiter and use the info of the Fake-it.to site. For the phone number search a fake phone number where you can recieve sms. (https://www.receivesms.co) or TextNow with USA VPN (PS: Remove +49 and add a 0 instead.) Then on the Fake-it.to page copy the Iban and press Angaben prufen und Weiter Angaben prüfen und weiter and then check “Ich habe die AGB, den Hinweis auf das Widerrufsrecht für Verbraucher sowie die Datenschutzrichtlinien der STRATO AG gelesen und akzeptiert.” and “Jetzt kostenpflichtig bestellen” Then verify your phone number from the SMS site, follow the next steps and voila! There is your free RDP / Webhosting / Domain :fiesta: IMPORTANT, EVERYTIME YOU LOGIN YOU HAVE TO USE A GERMAN IP! [/hide] show some luv boiz :comfy:
  3. my ka7ba <333 :kek: :kek: :kek: :kek: :kek: :kek: :kek: :kek:
  4. still working? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: