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  1. 100% Working Facebook config Custom = 2fa account Hit = working account Combo: Email Proxy: Yes (Any) [hide]!XR9gDIwK!bG8YokbYxTPZF4wJBh_rIbwHKXoonI_nwq9Q5iJm7Qg[/hide]
  2. This config Originally created by Forlax Edited and Updated by me as the original Config stopped working a while ago. Needs HQ Proxy Download: [hide]!KIMigCoB!yDeca5L3gQKp0bgWmeRrYj4xiSp29BDnC0aG6Sg0yXg[/hide] Leechers will be reported
  3. Combo: Email Proxy: Yes (any) Capture: Plan Type Download: [hide] [/hide] Leechers will be reported!!
  4. Combo: Emal or User proxy: Yes (HQ) Capture: Plan and Renewal Date Make sure to choose your combo list type Ex: MailPass combo Leechers will be reported!! Download [hide][/hide]
  5. config dont get recognized which version did you use to build the config? Version Forlax mod
  6. Combo: user or email Proxy: yes (Any) Capture: Plan and Expiration Date Custom = free account Leechers will be reported!! Download: [hide][/hide]
  7. Thank you for sharing this tutorial
  8. I have a credit card. But google always closing my billing account. Any suggestions?
  9. Strongly recommend you to play Tera online.
  10. I have been playing Tera for long time. Sad that i quit playing it.
  11. As far i have made little amount of money online. But i am not giving up now.