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  1. Lol read the thread i have vouches already you edited it after I replied... :ksz: :fuck: :fappa: :kappa: :kek: :kek:
  2. no , look at your thread reply history... :pepe: ain't a leecher sir ,just saying, Good luck finding a nice signature :)
  3. shit happens am I right @ashe @ashe @ashe @ashe @ashe? ofc ur sir :kappa: :comfy:
  4. I feel sorry for u pleb :pepe: :kappa: :kek:
  5. Ashe


    Clicks fly pays good :jew: :pepo:
  6. very proud of being a part of this community , met very nice people here :pepelove: Finally I can apply for this rank :hype: cuz I don't wanna be pleb anymore :kek: I meet all the requirements :) some of my HQ threads : #1: #2: #3: #4: #5:
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  8. Sir can you please update this link to the VPS checker ? Nice tutorial <3
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  10. Ashe


    What? you actually can pin threads ? :monkas: didn't even know this can be done :fuck:
  11. I will use it for cracking then :jew: :kappa: thanks bro <3
  12. I'm getting better with cracking and taking my time to learn right now ,so didn't post much in the last two weeks :fuck: I hope I will be more active soon and 200 likes are kinda worth celebrating :hype: love y'all :pepelove:
  13. Hey guys, I need to mine crypto on an RDP that can be turn off /shut down at any moment :pepe: (cuz it's cracked) ,so can you suggest me a miner that can auto withdraw btc every 24h or any given time? cuz I plan to leave it mining for a long time ! Thanks in Advance <3 :pepelove: