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  1. Can you please reply on discord... Do you have any left ... or scam ??
  2. PM me on dISCORD = Sebarist#6376 I tried contacting you I am interested!
  3. Reply me on DIscord ... PM me on to get more details Service Is back online Come
  4. I actually did so much research on this.. but still cant find a satisfying answers.. Can you please tell me which is Actually better for streaming.. I7 8700K or I7 9700K CORE? :pepe: THREAD? :pepe: HyperThreading...? :pepe: Please I Give your Reply on this... Coz this is the first time I have a Big Doubt with Intels newest CPU
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  6. the worst part is he scammed over $2000 and even if he gets banned on or no use...
  7. Profile Link: Sales Thread: VANISHED Amount: $120 Information: I paid for RDP thinking he was trusted ... AND BOOM the scammed me and left... their discord server is also gone I got all the Proof and Screenshots :pepe: :pepe: :pepe: Best SCAM EVER on And ..
  8. Prizes :fine: :fiesta: 1000+ Vbucks :fiesta: Fortnite Carbon Skins Code :fiesta: Fortnite Acc Total 5 Noobs Wins Want to win? Join this Discord Group [hide][/hide] USE CODE = SOFT GIVEAWAY ending in 7 days