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    Didn't get to know you well, but wishing you farewell.
  2. ADD me if you still want subs @R Y Z E ♛#7289
  3. Kinda late but welcome, hope you can make some friends
  4. I am thinking that we can add a special form section in the market area for paid E-books or Monetizing Guides. This will make it easier for those who wanna sell E-books/Monetizing Guides and buy them. I think its a good thing to have. This suggestion is good and useful, why ? Its useful cuz it will make the market more organized and like it said earlier its easier for the members who want to either buy or sell them. Please vote cuz i want to see what y'all think
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    test test 123
  6. Finally taking out time to write all my experience Hope you guys like it [hide] You Wanna Crack Netflix :feelsgood: But You Poor/No Money!!! :pepi: How To Do It ?? Most Guys Already Know This : ) Still Sharing For Newbies Who Wanna Contribute :kek: First You Can't Crack Netflix With Free Proxies :pepi: You Need Real HQ Proxies(Most Are Paid) :kek: But Today I Will Say Methods With Complete Tutorials On How To Get Them For Free Without Further Delay Let's Get Started 1st Method https://proxy.webshare.io/ How To Get Temp Mail Works For SIgn Up So Ya Do That Stuff.. Limit for free plan on this website is 1 GB bandwidth. On the left side bar go to IP Authentication tab and add your IP to the list. You Can't Choose Proxies By Country On Free Plan You Have To Use the 5500x Proxies mixed proxies They Are Obviously Better Than Other Free Proxies Go to List tab. Set authentication method to IP authentication. Proxy list mode as "no-gap assignment" then download the proxy list. Proxy Type Here Is HTTP/HTTPS. CPM will be very less (better than free proxies though) on netflix You can use this many times you want but remember to remove your ip after exhausting 1gb bandwidth. 2nd Method https://rsocks.net/ How To Get Temp Mail Again Works Here As Well Go to Residental packet and request free test packet.After it?s done it will come contact options of rsocks. Now go on Telegram and send message to @RSocks saying this: Hello! "I am willing to buy proxies from your service but before buying I have to test the quality! I am a Certified Ethical Hacker and I need those proxies for my practicals." If they ask for your username which you created account,send them that username!Withing 5 minutes you have your paid proxies :smart: These proxies gonna be alive for 1hr These Are Obviously Better tham Webshare Proxies You Can't take multi trials again with same account and ip To take test again you need new account and new Ip 3rd Method https://luminati.io/ How To Get Temp Mail Won't Work Here :pepi: :pepe: You need to use gmail else outlook for this after you done with signup go to billing add a card(paypal also there ) They Won't Charge Anything It's just required for authorisation they will give free 5$ Now go to zones click on the first one you see New Window Will come Scroll down And You will get the option to download the ip list 20,000 Ips You Will Get These Proxies Last Really Long And Are Very Good You Can USe These On Storm, Xrisky Checkers . For luminati to work on openbullet just paste the proxies instead of importing It will work for sure Proxies Here Are HTTP/HTTPS CPM is like okayish for netflix Gradually Slows Down Most Nibba's Resell These Here Xd 4th Method https://moxyproxy.pw/ How To Get First Of All It's Russian Site So Use Google Translate :smart: :smart: Then You Will See They will give you 30mins free trial To Get Access To These You need to give telegram authentication so just type your number there you will get a notification on telegram app and just agree Go back to moxyproxy proxy and click activate. From here you will have 30 mins to use the proxies You will see a link that looks like http://moxyproxy.pw/key/XXXXXXXXXXXX Open this link and here are all the proxies Then in the menu where the key was you will see an ip like 127.0.0 Click on the second button next to it and your IP will show up This mean your proxies are IP Activated Then enjoy cracking This Is the best one Tbh It Won't slow down like luminati Time is for 30 mins only Proxies here are SOCKS5 I have tested each and every of these and as per me Moxyproxy>>>>Luminati>>>Rsocks>>>Webshare That's All Of The Tutorial, Now Go And Contribute :fiesta: :fiesta: :fiesta: [/hide]
  7. Enjoy and don't leech! Appreciate my efforts and have fun [hide] It's easy! Just register for free at Shopify Developers by clicking here: Link: https://developers.shopify.com What do you get from shopify developers? - Shopify thinks that you will make them money if they provide you with a free platform to create UNLIMITED stores for customers and sell it to them directly, but in this case we are going to use the store(s) we created. The only catch is you have to pay for a plan only AFTER you have hit 50 SALES. Trust me, this is a great deal - you don't lose anything if you store flops so it acts like a safety net. After registering click on "Development stores" and create a store. Congratulations. You now have a completely free shopify store with EVERYTHING UNLOCKED. [/hide]
  8. I dont know if its already leaked here but enjoy the leak Sales thread: https://hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=5852021 [hide] download: https://anonfile.com/45cfE2ucb5/Chief_Method_v1.11_pdf [/hide]