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  1. I hope its something i can use
  2. ph1b3r


    Just curious reallyyy
  3. HMMM. I've got like 8 Replies. But only 2 likes? Weirdddddd -_____- leechlings? SHALL I START REPORTING? HMM? :pepi:
  4. 1. You wanted to. 2. It's sort of a cry for help
  5. Just made me smile.... Thanks!!!!! No worries mate. Come down to Australia whenever and ill shout you food :) . :hype: Sending you a PM, yeah?
  6. Just made me smile.... Thanks!!!!!
  7. Well guess what, money really does matter in the end... The end being after everything I have done to actually come up with a solution to a problem, or somehow lessen the burden for everybody, it's just not enough, I guess? I seriously cannot feel any appreciation... Isn't your family the one who's supposed to make you feel that and recognize that above all? I guess you can't really please everyone. just tired. no sleep. back ache. soul drained. i dont know if i should just sell a kidney.
  8. Seriously feel like I'm seconds away from just shutting down. Exhaustion. Physically & Mentally + Soul included. Hard yo. Help. :pepe: