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Balance transfers PayPal, Westen Union, Google Pay

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Balance transfers PayPal, Westen Union, Google Pay

   (1 review)


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Balance transfers is straight forward. Depending on the type of transfer, we will need some information from you/your account in order to complete the transfer. Please see "What do we need?" tab for more info.

Transfers are made from dummy accounts that belong to us.

Transfers are made from account to account, example from Google Pay TO Google Play.

In some countries there is a maximum amount transferred per transaction, if thats the case we will need to make multiple transactions. Example, the amount requested from you is $10.000 but, on your Google Pay account, you are only allowed to receive $4.000 at one time. We will need to do one transfer of $4.000 plus one transfer of $4.000 plus one transfer of $2.000.

All accounts must be at least ONE week old, no exceptions.


-Google Pay (Email address or Telephone number associated to your account)
-PayPal (Email address associated to your account)
-Bank Transfer (Account Name, IBAN/BIC/SWIFT and Country of origin)
-Western Union/WU (Country of Western Union agent and receiver's name.)

The information above will be requested at the time of ordering.

NOTE: Although we will try and complete transactions within following day, in some cases (for example; multiple transactions) we may need some more time. If this is the case, the customer will be notified of this.

contacn me

telegram https://t.me/maxim4udo

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