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YouTube RAT Spreading Method

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So on this thread I've decided to share my YouTube spreading method and I hope it is any useful to someone as it was to me.

1. First thing you want to do is pick a niche.

For this tutorial im gonna pick Roblox, since most people that play this game don't have the mental capacity to detect a virus and will follow most instructions they find online. You could also pick software pacthes for programs like Vegas PRO or Photoshop... etc.

2. Find a legit hack/cheat for this game. // Find a legit/working patch for specific software.

For other games like Fortnite you will most likely not be able to find any free working cheats but for Roblox is pretty easy. So search on YouTube "roblox hack/exploit" go to the settings tab on the search page and choose results that are max 1 week old. Then find a cheat from someone that has a good amount of views/subs and positive comments and download it.

For software you would do the same thing but instead for patches/cracked programs.

3. Binding your RAT with a legit exe.

Now you want to either bind the cheat with your RAT (make sure its FUD) or if you can't bind it with the cheat (which was my case) simply put your RAT in the same folder as the cheat and make sure it has an icon so its more noticeable and give it a catchy name like the following:

imgur . com / a / knfeRYG

If you're doing software make sure you download a working patch (you could test it in a VM or something to make sure its fully working or just go with what the people are saying in the comments or like/dislike ratio to make sure its legit then you bind it with your RAT and since most people that download patches only have 1 purpose and it is to crack software, if you put a random sketchy extra file in the folder they most likely will not open, or maybe they will if you get creative enough, but remember to make sure the patch is working so they dont leave any negative feedback on the video.

4. Uploading your RAT.

The one site I have uploaded my files to is and everything works fine, not sure if they have an AV to analyse what you upload or not I just know that I didn't crypt my RAT and they still didnt remove it after a week so they most likely won't, but if your RAT is fully crypted you can upload it to like mediafire or mega and you won't have any problems, now if you register on your files will stay there for 120 days but if you don't they will only stay there for 50 days so take that into consideration and remember to upload them again after 50 days and also to update the description of the video/s.

5. Stealing/Making a YouTube video.

If you don't have much time or experience at making/editing videos you should do the following method:

Let's say you are going to make a video about a Roblox cheat called SkidHack v8.1.2 then what you would do is search on youtube "roblox SkidHack" and go to the search settings and select results that are max 1 day old (is what I would recommend but you can also do 1 week) and now find a video that barely has any views from someone that also barely has any subs. Now get the video's link and remove "ube" from the link like the following:

youtube . com / watch ?v= dQw4w9WgXcQ


yout . com / watch ?v= dQw4w9WgXcQ

...and press Enter. Now you will be able to either download the video as MP3 or MP4 and obviously choose MP4 since we want to download the video with the audio. Now since I have some experience with editing videos what I did was I went to this site called Panzoid and edited a random Intro template and put in the name of my channel and downloaded and then cut the intro of the original creator and put in mine as well as replaced the watermark of the original creator with mine (aka just a bold text of mine channel over theirs) since if you have an intro, and wtaermark etc. your video will most likely be a little more believable and convincing and then rendered the video.

If you do know how to make videos simply record yourself making a quick tutorial on how to install/use your cheat/patch and you should know how to do the rest.

6. Uploading the video to YouTube.

-> Title

Now you want to seem like a legit youtube channel so for the title I would recommend to look at other youtube videos and see what they put in their titles so you can get a general idea of what you should put in yours, example:


-> Description

Now for the description you want to put the download link right at the top so its the first thing people see when opening the description. After that you want to put instructions in case there are people that dont understand something you put in the video or if you didn't crypt your RAT like the following:

4. Bla Bla Bla"

etc.. or some bullshit similar, also make sure you have something like "Don't forget to subscribe and like if you enjoyed this video!!" so you seem like you actually care about it lol.

-> Thumbnail

After that the next step is to choose a thumbnail, now im also experienced with graphic design so I made my own thumbnails for the videos but if you don't know how simply go to google images and search for the keywords relating your video like "roblox hack" and on the settings make sure the exact size of the image is either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 so it fits YouTube's thumbnails size. If any of you are doing Roblox or Fortnite related videos I will leave 4 thumbnails I made for my own Roblox videos and 1 I made for my Fortnite video here:

imgur . com / a / EdzYlkT

(for the most part they are quite cringy and stuff but they needed to be as clickbaitty as possible and I didnt want to spend too much time on them either so yeah I hope its useful to some people)

-> Tags

Now the final step is going to be the Tags, make sure to put every related word with your niche in here, if you were doing a Fortnite video you would put Tags like:

Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Hack
Fortnite vBucks Glitch
Battle Royale Hack
Battle Royale Aimbot
Fortnite God Mode
Fortnite vBucks Generator

you get the idea.

7. Like/View boosting your video.

pastebin . com / WCvgDeWu

8. Filtering negative comments.

pastebin . com / WCvgDeWu

NOTE: As I said I'm experienced with graphic design so I made myself a channel art (YouTube banner + profile pic) that was fairly quick and I recommend you to either steal someone else's art or make something quick but that doesnt look awful in paint for your channel too since it will help you look more legit.

This guide took me quite a while to write so I would hope you could leave some positive feedback in the replies or +rep me! Thanks! 

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