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Even though an Alabama team is a vast cry from an Madden NFL 23 model yet

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Madden 23 coins Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah may have said it best when it comes about Barnett's potential.

"(Barnett) does not possess elite burst, that explosiveness that you'd like to have in an edge-rusher" he told his Move the Sticks podcast. "I played with Terrell Suggs a little bit with the Ravens, and he's another one that didn't test all that well. But Suggs was a whiz when you got onto the football field. I'm sure you've seen some similar traits in Barnett. I don't believe he's at that Suggs level, but I think he's definitely got a chance to become a double-digit sack player in the future."

A positive point is his performance against SEC opposition. Barnett often favored starting slow with Tennessee however, he usually put his best performances in crucial conference matches -- and the best offensive lines the Volunteers could face. Even though an Alabama team is a vast cry from an Madden NFL 23 model yet, it's nonetheless encouraging.

What does Barnett need to accomplish in order to succeed in the Eagles?

He'll have to refine his speed-rush technique while adding some new elements in order to keep up with Madden NFL 23 offensive linemen. SB Nation's Stephen White points out that the more effective inside movewhether it's punching tackles back and working through the gap or developing an angle to redirect his momentum toward the pocket after his first couple of steps would create a nightmare for blocking opponents.

At the moment smart tackles could cheat considering that madden nfl 23 coins his preferred plan of attack is to take down the edge.

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