Hey! Find Germany/France/USA/Japan/Korea/Canada/Australia/Mail: Via database

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Hey!  Find Germany/France/USA/Japan/Korea/Canada/Australia/Mail: Via database If you are not willing to provide testing via telegrams from the base, please provide 300-1K wire so that I can test my target.  I'm not interested in business.  If you have a good foundation, I can guarantee long-term business.  Quality = price, USDT or BTC payment.  If you have any questions, please telex

In order to reduce the occurrence of misunderstanding, please read this article carefully and contact me.

I use it to scan EA

If you have a fresh and quality email, I am willing to offer you $200 for 10,000 email accounts.  Maybe the price will be higher

Quality = Price

1.  I need an account with full access to my email
2.  You don't need Google Mail
3.  Please don't contact me if you can't provide the test

Old account = Waste of my time scanning EA

I have been working in this industry for 2 years.  I can guarantee that I will only scan the EA and not touch anything else.  I will not disclose your email data to anyone but myself.

The way I work is that I check the EA game account and find that the target account will change the email associated with the game.  Do not change your password or do anything that damages your account.

Please note that I only want fresh and high quality, not old.  If you only have the old database, or are unable to provide tests, please do not contact me.

I work in the games industry, so I will buy email data from any country, but since EA is popular in different countries, the price of email is different. .


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