[SELL] Newbie friendly email server setup 10/10 score

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Hello Friends,


First of all, I would like to avoid any fancy graphics templates and get straight to the point.

Recently I have been learning for  few  weeks on how to, and finally I did manage to setup

my very own mailing server. It really does a fantastic job for me, so I thought why not make

mailing servers for  people who need it. So I decided to make this sales thread, and here is

what I offer:


I will setup for you a Bulk Email Server/System which will allow you to send and deliver

unlimited emails per month and comes with a perfect 10/10 setup. (




Here are some of the most important features of your newly setup bulk email server, to get almost 10/10 score:


    SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
    DKIM ( DomainKeys Identified Mail )
    Reverse DNS (PTR)
    List Unsubscribe header


I will setup all of these on your Windows vps server with your domain name.

After your server is done you will receive:


    SMTP credentials for sending emails
    Tutorials on how to warm up your SMTP Server IP
    Tutorials on how to land your emails in inbox
    Bulk mailer software to use
    and other tips


Your Requirements:


    Domain name recommended from Name Cheap
    Windows Server 2012 R2 -> recommended from Contabo (Reverse DNS PTR) friendly setup required for better      inboxing


Advantage of Mail server built on HMailserver:


    Easy to use
    Newbie friendly
    Perfect for marketers and businesses
    Four times cheaper than Amazon SES accounts sold on forums
    You won't get suspended for highbounce rate and spam complaints
    Unlimited email sending
    You can use it for casino, sex offers etc.




So why overpay for Amazon SES accounts, or risk getting your account shut down at Mailchimp or other strict email providers ?



PRICE: $100.00


Payment: : Skrill, Neteller, BTC, LTC , USDT



Contact -> TELEGRAM: @blackhatwrld or via forum PM

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