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[align=center]Welcome to my shop!



Here you can find a ton of Edu Emails, they're useful in a lot of ways,



The Benefits Of Using .Edu Email


With amazon Prime Free for 6 Months



1. Online storage:


If your school's email system uses Google services, when you sign in to Google Drive by school email, you'll be allowed to make unlimited backups.

If your school's email system uses Microsoft Office Online service, you will be able to use the free Office 365 suite, including 1TB of storage on One Drive and Microsoft Words, Excel, Powepoint, ... software


Dropbox will give you more storage space. See details here



2. The service is completely free:


Microsoft Office 365 (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, ...)

All Autodesk software: You can use all their applications like AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, etc. with Student Lience, which means you can use all the features but cannot publish the finished product. for commercial purposes. Note that you do not need EDU email to register for Autodesk. Using other emails like gmail is still free as usual.


Use Bitbucket for programming students


Namecheap provides free domain name of Name_Mien.ME



3. Discounted online services:


Adobe Creative Cloud offers a discount of only $ 7 / month

Amazone Prime is free for 6 months


Evernote 50% discount for EDU email


Squarespace 50% discount


Read THE NEW YORK TIMES for only $ 4 / month


The Washington Post dropped to $ 5 / month


The Wall Street Journal 75% discount


You have 1 week warranty to report any problem with account






Here My discord

To Purchase  Bulk :

For 1 email 1.49$ CRYPTO



For 1 email 1.4$ PAYPAL 


Bulk =1$/Email  ( min 10 emails ) PM on Discrod







VOUCHED 1/1 ( by Amir6 )



*** Stock up to 100 emails ***


Vouch (2/2)[/align]

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