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Found 102 results

  1. Do leave a like Bots:100 Proxy:Public work Flawless Capture:Yes (Flipkart Coins) [hide] [/hide] Do leave a like I really need the auth key :hype: :fiesta: Config is not created by me, I'm just sharing it. NO LIKE = LEECHING
  2. [hide][/hide] If u dont like, I will kill u :monkas: :pepegun: but srsly ,plz like :pepo: Donate btc if u want (i rlly need it .-.) 1132TmBJaVfLycd95DYYMbo71PjFfccbBP
  3. Api: yes Capture: yes (enjoy with good shit) Origin ID, Country, Language, Email Status, Email, 2Fa, Account have security question: true or false, Games, Game platform, Credit: m1st Proxyless: no Combo: email and user, work both Bots: 50 - 100 Credits : m1st The ONLY Official STORM Community Download [hide]!wLg1lKZA!Dr_sPVs2lTTzOeKL5gjEnwFYXI1wBrRTWTUmo689Akc [/hide] [align=center]keep calm and do it [/align]
  4. Combo type: Email:pass Proxyless: Yes recmonded Bots: 10 - 20 Based on API Credit : Mr.ViPeR Download config : [hide]!gWwQxSQL!01q1PubUBLtk-OSk2THpVx_lXhfp3AlBqdeoZSjjghc [/hide] Download Mega.Nz hashing .js file : [hide]!sWxmyK5J!h20VcbT6ghNxnssSynS1K6EAQryipNldEhDzm1l6kpU [/hide] [align=center]keep calm and do it [/align]
  5. Website: Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes, Very HQ one, not some shit you scraped from public sites. Capture: Course. Recommended Bots: 100-250 Last checked: 07/14/2018 Introducing Loop, RegexEx, RegexExAdd, RegexExPropertiesSetter, RegexExPrint, JsonSerialize, and CharCodeAt functions. (Read FUNCTIONS documentation for more information, it stored in STORM's folder) In this config we're going to use Loop, RegexEx, RegexExAdd, RegexExPropertiesSetter and RegexExPrint functions. Why do we use the Loop functions? Because Udemy can ONLY display UP TO 100 courses per page, if the account have more than 100 courses we need to Loop it until there's no course left to scrape. As you can see I'm not using Centuri's 1337_SMARTSaving™ Technology for this because it's a private code that I use AND works only if your name has a color like mine (NOT grey). Also, I'm not encrypting the config so YOU my fellow STORM config maker can learn how to use the new STORM's functions from this config. This probably will be my last config, I'm out for now. ::USE THE LATEST VERSION OF STORM WHICH IS 2.3.1 AT THE TIME THIS CONFIG BEING POSTED AND ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION, OTHERWISE THE CONFIG WILL NOT WORKING, THE LATEST VERSION (2.3.1) ALSO FIXED THE UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ERROR FOR MOST CONFIG. STOP WHINING FOR OLDER VERSION CONFIG SUPPORT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN YOU HAVE TO ADAPT (USE YOUR BRAIN™):: [hide]!OrYxESLK!FfdnQlhei66I2A7vIui8ig [/hide]
  6. [hide]!ZgREjSTA!7bsa-EX2r4JrmrPTk2Gj9ryjiEyA_RJtzClQftlOMqM [/hide]
  7. Email/User: Both Proxies: Yes, HTTP Recommended Bots: 150-200 Capture: Followers, Views and Channel name. [hide][/hide]
  8. [ STORM ] Hotstar New Configuration [hide] [/hide]
  9. Api: yes Capture: just premium hits Proxyless: no Combo: email and user, work both Bots: 50 - 100 Credits : HYDrA Download [hide]!gTowiShI!IKD7aY1ROOO-JAA_9s1pDNAOWBNHdavFp-vBmTe-qbo [/hide] keep calm and do it
  10. ♡ I like it if you think you like my posts ♡ ✰ Combo Type: Email ✰ Proxies: No ✰ Bots: 40-80 ✰ Last Tested: 09/09/2018 ✰ Capture: Yes [hide][/hide]
  11. [hide] include 414 config Storm pack config [/hide]
  12. Some are of the same config because idk which one works and which one doesn't. I'm not the maker of any of these configs; I just combined them. All cred to the creators. SHOW SOME LIKES Download Link : [hide][/hide]
  13. Leecher = Report :fiesta: Proxy: Proxyless [Or Not :??: ] Threads: 100 - 150 Created By: Hydra Storm Version Tested: 2.0+ [hide][/hide][/url] Like = Appreciated :fiesta:
  14. Proxyless Thread:35 WITH CAPTURE[hide] [url=][/url] [/hide] Leave a like and don't be a leecher :ezy:
  15. ⭐️This config is for STORM⭐️ ⭐️You can get a clean version of Storm from the following⭐️ [hide][/hide] ⭐️Leave a like and do not leach⭐️ [hide][/hide] ⭐️ Enjoy! ⭐️
  16. [hide][/hide] Leave a Like For More Leechers will be REPORTED.
  17. [hide][/hide] Email/Username: Email Capture: Yes Proxies Required: Yes,need HQ PROXY. Threads: 30 - 40
  18. Website: Email/User: Email/User Proxies: No Capture: Membership type, recurring (AR), next billing cycle, payment method. Recommended Bots: 100-250 Last checked: 07/08/2018 Centuri's 1337_SMARTSaving™ Technology (hits's format that doesn't suck), hits and free will go respectively, free will only be saving combo. [hide]!fm5CCKzI!EWL2P0DKLcPCtp9iq8lOug [/hide]
  19. Email / User: Email Proxies: Yes (The Most HQ that you can) Capture: Subscription - Country - Free Trial - Screen Number - DvD - HD - UHD - Next Billing Date Recommend Bots: 50 - 90 Last Checked: 07/17/2018 (Today) Config working Save Format [hide] show some love please :pepe: [/hide]
  20. karay64

    site : Proxyless : Yes api based : Yes Capture : NO Bots : ~10 Combo type : Email:pass PS: i have found this config on the internet, added by request. :fiesta: [hide][/hide]
  21. EROSNOW.COM[CONFIG] CAPTURE:YES [align=center]PROXY:PUBLIC FLAWLESS MADE BY: @KHUSHAL13 FROM TELEGRAM[/align] [align=center]CAPTURE FORMAT:- [email protected]:iluvnature ₮Ɏ₱Ɇ:Unlimited Free Movies ₵ØɄ₦₮ⱤɎ ₱ɄⱤ₵Ⱨ₳₴ɆĐ: IN ฿łⱤ₮Ⱨ: 07-08-2018 ĐɆ₳₮Ⱨ: 07-08-2018 Config Maded By:@₭ⱧɄ₴Ⱨ₳Ⱡ13 ₣ⱤØ₥ ₮₲[/align] [align=center]DOWNLOAD IT FROM ANON: :hype: GIB A LIKE FOR MY WORK! CAN CONTACT ME ON TELEGRAM: @KHUSHAL13 :pepegun: [/align]
  22. [align=center]Site URL : Combo : Email : pass Captured : Expire Date Proxyless Bots : 10 - 20 based on API[/align] Credits : HYDrA The ONLY Official STORM Community Download [hide]!dKIWHaRL!dJW8oDwjA8SwatEPAE39aKLCxq0tGbGEa4wRBXX2mEE [/hide] [align=center]keep calm and do it [/align]
  23. [hide][/hide] Leave a Like For More Leechers will be REPORTED.
  24. Proxies: No Threads: 1-50 Email:pass Tested: 22.06.2018 [hide] [/hide]